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Unbelievable Baby Name – Meconium

I wish this one were a joke. Alas, it is not.

I’ve found three people with the unfortunate name Meconium. One got Meconium as a first name, two got it as a middle.

1. Meconium Lock, born in Texas is 1931:

baby name Meconium

2. Willie Meconium Cage, born in Texas in 1933:

baby name Meconium

3. Alfredo Meconium Gallardo, born in California in 1936.

What is meconium, you ask?

“Fecal discharge from a newborn infant.” Baby poop, basically.

While the association isn’t pleasant, the etymology is interesting. Aristotle was the first to use the Latin word meconium to describe fecal matter. The Latin word came from the ancient Greek work mekonion, “poppy-juice, opium,” a diminutive of mekon, “poppy.” Aristotle chose meconium either because of meconium’s tar-like appearance, which resembles certain opium preparations, or because he believed meconium induced sleep in the fetus.

Still…baby poop. Ew.


Car Names as Baby Names

car names as baby names

Love cars? Here are some car-related names that have been used as baby names:

  • Allante, from Cadillac Allante.
  • Aston, from Aston Martin. Inspired by Aston Hill in England.
  • Audi, German manufacturer. The name is a Latin translation of Horch, surname of founder August Horch.
  • Avanti, from Studebaker Avanti. The word avanti means “forward” in Italian.
  • Bentley, British manufacturer. Named after founder W. O. Bentley.
  • Camry, from Toyota Camry. The name is based on kanmuri, which means “crown” in Japanese.
  • Capri, from Lincoln Capri.
  • Caprice, from Chevrolet Caprice. Named after a New York City restaurant.
  • Catera, from Cadillac Catera.
  • Celica, from Toyota Celica. The name is based on caelica, which means “celestial” in Latin.
  • Chevelle, from Chevrolet Chevelle.
  • Chevy, nickname for Chevrolet.
  • Civic, from Honda Civic.
  • Cooper, from MINI Cooper. Named after auto racer John Cooper.
  • Cressida, from Toyota Cressida.
  • DeLorean, from DeLorean DMC-12.
  • Diamante, from Mitsubishi Diamante.
  • Dino, from Fiat Dino or Ferrari Dino. Both named after V6 engine designer Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari.
  • Dodge, a division of Chrysler. (I know of two babies named after Dodge Pickup Trucks specifically.)
  • Elantra, from Hyundai Elantra.
  • Elise, from Lotus Elise. Named after Elisa Artioli, granddaughter of Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli.
  • Elva, British manufacturer. The name is based on elle va, which means “she goes” in French.
  • Florian, from Isuzu Florian. Named after the fictional horse in Florian, the Emperor’s Stallion by Felix Salten.
  • Ford, American manufacturer. Named after founder Henry Ford.
  • Hudson, American manufacturer.
  • Jazz, from Honda Jazz.
  • Jeep, a division of Chrysler.
  • Jetta, from Volkswagen Jetta. The name is based on the phrase “jet stream.”
  • Jimmy, from GMC Jimmy.
  • Kia, South Korean manufacturer.
  • Lexus, a division of Toyota. The name has no specific meaning, according to the company.
  • Lincoln, a division of Ford. Named after former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln.
  • Martin, from Aston Martin. Named after founder Lionel Martin.
  • Mercedes, from Mercedes-Benz, a division of Daimler AG. Named after Mercedes Jellinek, daughter of Austrian entrepreneur Emil Jellinek.
  • Miata, from Mazda Miata. Possibly means “reward” in Old High German.
  • Millenia, from Mazda Millenia.
  • Mondeo, from Ford Mondeo. The name is based on mundus, which means “world” in Latin.
  • Morgan, British manufacturer.
  • Porsche, German manufacturer. Named after founder Ferdinand Porsche.
  • Reatta, from Buick Reatta.
  • Renault, French manufacturer.
  • Royce, from Rolls-Royce. Named after founder Henry Royce.
  • Scion, a Toyota marque.
  • Shelby, from Shelby American. Named for founder Carroll Hall Shelby.
  • Tiburon, from Hyundai Tiburon. The word tiburón means “shark” in Spanish.
  • Toyota, Japanese manufacturer. Named for founder Kiichiro Toyoda.
  • VW, short for Volkswagen.

Blog readers have also told me about babies named Riviera (after the Buick Riviera) and Axel (because of its similarity to the word axle).

Update, 2016 – Here’s a baby whose middle name, Megan, was inspired by a Renault Megane.

Know any babies that were named for automobiles?

[Psst! Were you looking for a post about giving a name to your car?]

Baby Name Buffet – Alfredo, Oscar, Reuben, Xavier

Here’s the second half of the Baby Name Buffet — today we’ve got the male names (whereas yesterday I focused on the females).

Name Dish Namesake (if known)
Adolphe Pâté de filets d’oie Adolphe Hardy Adolphe-Marie Hardy (1868-1954), poet
Albert Prince Albert Fillet of Beef Albert, Prince Consort (1819-1861)
Alfredo Fettuccine Alfredo Alfredo di Lelio (d. 1959), chef
André Omelette André Theuriet André Theuriet (1833-1907), writer
Arnold Escalops of veal à la Arnold
Benedict Eggs Benedict Possibly Lemuel Benedict (d. 1943), stockbroker
Clarence Chicken cutlets à la Clarence
Edouard Poularde Edouard VII Edward VII (1841-1910)
George Chicken sauté George Sand George Sand (1804-1876), pseudonym used by female writer Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin
Germain St. Germain Soup Saint Germain (496-576)
Honoré Gâteau Saint-Honoré Saint Honoré (d. circa 600)
Hubert Omelette à la Saint-Hubert Saint Hubert (657-727, approximately)
Jack Jack’s Oyster Ragout
Jacques Coquilles St. Jacques au Gratin
James St. James Pudding
Jerome Scrambled eggs à la Jérôme
Joe Sloppy Joe
Jules Flounder Jules Janin Jules Janin (1804-1874), writer
Leopold Consommé Leopold
Lorenzo Canapés Lorenzo
Louis Crab Louis
Martin Halibut à la Martin
Oliver Bath Oliver Biscuits William Oliver (1695–1764), physician
Oscar Veal Oscar King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway (1829-1907)
Paul Lobster Paul Bert Paul Bert (1833-1886), politician
Raphael Chicken Raphael Weill Raphael Weill (1837-1920), businessman
Reuben Reuben sandwich Possibly Reuben Kulakofsky (1873-1960), grocer, or Arnold Reuben (1883-1970), restaurant owner
Robert Robert E. Lee Cake Robert E. Lee (1807-1870)
Ronald Ronald Reagan’s Hamburger Soup Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), former President
Stanley Eggs Stanley Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904), explorer
Victor Celery Victor Victor Hirtzler (1875-1935), chef
Walter Wild Duckling à la Walter Scott Walter Scott (1771-1832), writer
Xavier Potage à la Xavier Possibly Louis XVIII of France (1755-1824), born Louis-Stanislas-Xavier

Edit, Nov. 2009: Just found out about a post on named foods at Here’s the link: Sweet Celebrities: A List of Pastries and Desserts Named After People.