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Sweden Bans the Baby Name Allah

The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) has decided that a two-month-old boy from Sk√•ne may not be named Allah. It ruled that “the name can be seen as objectionable for religious reasons.”

Skatteverket representative Lars Tegenfelt stated: “God or Allah or the Devil is offensive to the public. Not me personally, but there are religious people who think so.” He added, “Some religious names though, like Jesus, are normal.”

The parents of (the baby formerly known as) Allah do not plan to appeal the decision.

Other controversial baby names that Swedish parents have tried to sneak past the Skatteverket include:

  • Elvis, for a girl (rejected)
  • Google, for a boy (accepted)
  • Ikea, for a boy (rejected)
  • Lego, for a boy (rejected, later accepted)
  • Metallica, for a girl (rejected, later accepted)
  • Michael Jackson, for a girl (rejected)
  • Q, for a boy (rejected, later accepted)
  • X, for a boy (rejected)

Source: Parents refused right to name son Allah