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How Do You Like Your Name, Megan?

Today’s interview is with a 20-year old from Colorado named Megan Alline (first + middle).

How did she get her names?

My first name was simply one that struck my parents’ fancy, among others like Hannah and Holly. Alline, a highly unusual name, belonged to my dad’s grandmother who passed away the year before I was born.

What does she like most about her names?

It just fits me. After hearing about the name I could have had, I feel like it’s more like me than the other options. I appreciate the spelling of my first name, easily simpler than Meghan, Maegann, etc. I’m particularly in love with my middle name because it’s unique and has history behind it. My great-grandmother Alline was a very talented artist and I’m proud to carry on her name.

What does she like least about her names?

Megan is very much a classic 90’s name (number 10 the year I was born) and I have never been the only Megan. Very, very common. And people, for inexplicable reasons, insist on spelling my name with an ‘h’ quite often. Alline can also pose some pronunciation problems because of its unfamiliarity, and it’s often been confused with Eileen.

(Here are the popularity graphs for Megan and for Alline-as-a-first-name.)

Finally, would Megan recommend that her first name be given to babies nowadays?

Probably not. It’s certainly more of a 90’s name, but I have met some very young Megans. I suppose it could work as a current baby name more so than other names that were its contemporaries during its heyday in the 80’s/early 90’s.

Thanks so much, Megan!

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