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Popularity of the Baby Name Amin

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Idi Amin’s Baby Names

Infamous Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada had a total of seven wives and 40 children, on the record.

One of his children was born in late 1978, right at the start of the Uganda-Tanzania War. The baby boy was named Kagera River, because Uganda had recently invaded and captured part of the Kagera region of Tanzania, making the Kagera River the front line between the Ugandan and Tanzanian armies.

Idi Amin was also obsessed with all things Scottish, and gave other sons the Scottish names Campbell, McLaren, McKenzie and Mackintosh.

I’ve been trying to find a full list of the 40 (official) kids, but haven’t had any luck yet. I do know two other sons are named Taban and Jaffar, though.


One-Hit Wonder Baby Names from the 1970s

Here are the one-hit wonder names of the 1970s:

Girl Names

  • Ariane ranked 886th in 1978
  • Brande ranked 785th in 1974
  • Camisha ranked 815th in 1972
  • Chaka ranked 898th in 1976 – influence: Chaka Khan
  • Corie ranked 973rd in 1977
  • Dyan ranked 980th in 1970 – influence: Dyan Cannon
  • Kamilah ranked 855th in 1977
  • Keena ranked 853rd in 1972
  • Kindra ranked 965th in 1978
  • Pepper ranked 956th in 1975
  • Shandra 999th in 1976
  • Sharee ranked 929th in 1979
  • Shawnna ranked 963rd in 1977
  • Shawnte ranked 744th in 1977
  • Somer ranked 932nd in 1978
  • Tamisha ranked 995th in 1974
  • Tisa ranked 912th in 1970
  • Torie ranked 977th in 1976
  • Treena ranked 995th in 1970

Boy Names

  • Abelardo ranked 983rd in 1972
  • Amin ranked 907th in 1977
  • Demetric ranked 993rd in 1977
  • Diallo ranked 918th in 1972
  • Dimitrios ranked 991st in 1976
  • Hakim ranked 879th in 1976
  • Hasan ranked 952nd in 1978
  • Jabbar ranked 912th in 1972 – influence: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Jerimy ranked 964th in 1976
  • Kareen ranked 982nd in 1975 – influence: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Kinte ranked 839th in 1977 – influence: Roots
  • Kunta ranked 572nd in 1977 – influence: Roots
  • Mauro ranked 995th in 1974
  • Shalon ranked 867th in 1977
  • Toma ranked 884th in 1974
  • Torry ranked 996th in 1976

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Huge List of Anagram Baby Names

anagram baby names

Looking for baby names with something in common? Perhaps for a set of twins or triplets? I’ve collected hundreds of anagram baby names for you.

2-Letter Anagram Baby Names

3-Letter Anagram Baby Names

4-Letter Anagram Baby Names

5-Letter Anagram Baby Names

6-Letter Anagram Baby Names

7-Letter Anagram Baby Names

8-Letter Anagram Baby Names

9-Letter Anagram Baby Names

10-Letter Anagram Baby Names

If you like the idea of anagrams but want to avoid sound-alike sets, I recommend anagrams with different numbers of syllables. Pairs like “Etta and Tate” and “Clay and Lacy” are a far more subtle than pairs like “Enzo and Zeno” and “Mary and Myra.”

(Here are some palindromic names from last month.)

Like Symmetry? Try Palindromic Baby Names

Did you know that a handful of baby names happen to be palindromes? Here are some names that can be read the same way in either direction (i.e. both forwards and backwards):

Two of these, Hannah and Ava, happen to be very popular for baby girls at the moment.

Need two names? You could consider a pair of names that become a palindrome when written side-by-side:

Aidan & Nadia
Aileen & Neelia
Alan & Nala
Allan & Nalla
Allen & Nella
Amin & Nima
Ariel & Leira
Arik & Kira
Aron & Nora
Axel & Lexa
Aydan & Nadya
Ari & Ira
Ellen & Nelle
Flor & Rolf
Iris & Siri
Leon & Noel
Linus & Sunil
Miles & Selim

It’s also possible to come up with your own palindromic pairs by flipping traditional names to create brand new names. For instance, I’ve seem James, Kevin, Manuel and Ramon flipped to become Semaj, Nivek, Leunam and Nomar.