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Name Spotting in Toronto, Canada

Toward the end of July I spent a week in Toronto. I spotted a few interesting names while there.

In the Royal Ontario Museum I found these:

Hannah Jarvis painting Marie-Zoe Persillier painting

On the left are Hannah Jarvis and her daughters Maria Lavinia and Augusta Honoria. They were painted by American artist James Earl around 1791.

On the right is Marie-Zoé Persillier dite Lachapelle. She was likely painted by Canadian artist Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy around 1845.

Both were in the Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada.


Also in the ROM I saw an installation of 32 drawings called “Beethoven 1-32” by German artist Jorinde Voigt.

the name Jorinde

I don’t know the etymology of her first name — perhaps it’s related to George? — but I do know that “Jorinde and Joringel” is a German fairy tale.


Lining the walls of local landmark Honest Ed’s were hundreds of old posters and photographs, including these two:

Urylee Leonardos photo Sonyke Cortidou photo

Urylee Leonardos (1910-1986) was a singer/actress on Broadway. I have no idea who Sonyke Cortidou was.


While walking Queen Street East just before the Beaches Jazz Festival StreetFest started, I found a billboard full of kids’ names.

kids names

Here are all the names I managed to get photos of:

Juliette, Chris, Jaya, Eric, Rain, Vishal, Dylan, Chantelle, Isabelle, Ashana, Julia, Arooba, Mien, Anamol, Iksa, Selena, Kyle, Sarah, Xuanji, Neha, Lasya, Elisha, Daneille, Danny, Ukasa, Huzaifa, Suchana, Manasa, Anuja, Mehul, Matteo, Wyatt, Ashanae, Emma, Tony, Helena, Lindsay, Chloe, Elizabeth, Erica, Matthew, Jarvis, Stephanie, Emi, Arujala, Lisa, Judy, Mateo, Zaccai, Bronwyny, Ervie, Mckayla, Taylor, Griffin, Callam, Mattas, Michelle, Dain, Aileen, Apurva, Aayush, Gloria, Josh, Deborah, Akshata

Which of the above do you like best?

Popular and Unique Baby Names in Scotland, 2010

Scotland’s General Register Office has just released its latest list of baby names. A total of 4,086 girl names and 2,999 boy names were registered in Scotland in 2010. Here are the top five names for each gender:

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Jack
2. Lewis
3. James
4. Logan
5. Daniel & Ryan (tie)
1. Sophie
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Emily
5. Isla

If different spellings of the same name had been combined instead of counted separately, “Callum/Calum would be in fifth place as would Aimee/Amy.”

An article about Scotland’s strangest baby names didn’t deliver (Unique? Romeo? Come on…) so I decided to throw my own list together:

Boy Names Girl Names

A few possible sources of inspiration: French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, Bulgarian poet Elisaveta Bagryana and Brazilian reality TV star Grazielli Massafera.

Finally, just one Avery was born in Scotland this year. Care to guess the gender of baby Avery?

Sources: Babies’ First Names 2010 and Table 4 (the full list of names)