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Popularity of the Baby Name And

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Faith, Hope, “And Charity”

Another charity-related name story

In mid-1879, Notes and Queries published this letter from a reader:

In the register of marriages at Halifax parish church (Dec. 1, 1878) is taken the name of a witness, Charity H. This may be taken in future days as the name of a woman, but it is indeed that of a man. On inquiry into the cause of such a name, it was found that the names Faith and Hope had been given to his sisters; and his father on his deathbed wished the name Charity to be given to a child that was then expected. A boy, however, was born, and friends were puzzled how to carry out the father’s wish, when one ingeniously suggested “And Charity,” perhaps thinking that “And” would serve as a male name, as it did duty sometimes for Andrew. The man said that he was married under the name of And Charity H. On searching the registers afterwards he was found to be correct; but for some cause or other he had dropped the And, and signed himself Charity alone.

Source: C., T. “Curious Christian Names.” Notes and Queries 16 Aug. 1879: 138.