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The 19 Children of Susanna & Samuel Wesley

Susanna Wesley (1669-1742)
Susanna Wesley (1669-1742)
“Mother of Methodism”
Samuel Wesley (1662–1735) was a Church of England clergyman. In 1688 he married Susanna Annesley (who happened to be the 25th of 25 children) and the pair welcomed 19 children of their own.

Ten of those 19 children lived to adulthood. Two, John (#15) and Charles (#18), went on to found the Methodist Church.

Here are the names of (most of) the 19 Wesley siblings:

1. Samuel, nn Sammy
2. Susanna
3. Emilia, nn Emily
4. Annesley (twin)
5. Jedediah (twin)
6. Susanna, nn Sukey
7. Mary, nn Molly
8. Mehetabel, nn Hetty
9. infant
10. John
11. Benjamin
12. infant (twin)
13. infant (twin)
14. Anne, nn Nancy
15. John, nn Jackie
16. infant
17. Martha, nn Patty
18. Charles
19. Kezziah, nn Kezzy/Kez

Now for some fun!

There are four nameless infants (#9, #12, #13 & #16) on the list. If all four had been girls, what do you think their names would have been? What if all four had been boys?

Sources: Memoirs of the Wesley Family, The Family of John and Charles Wesley