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Baby Names Needed – Boy-Girl Twins, Part Two

Nate stopped by a few minutes ago with an update on his twins:

OK. Still haven’t gotten names yet (3 weeks in). Twins still doing well in NICU.

I feel like my list is narrowed down (and not too different from what I originally had in mind), but my wife is a bit more unsure. Middle names are family/sentimental, but curious to hear opinions on sound Last name starts with “J”, ends with “son”. Here is my list of pairings (to go with older sister Parker Rose). Votes?

I’ve put the pairings in the poll below, so cast your vote!

The twin names I like best are...

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And, as always, please comment if you have any other opinions/thoughts about the names.

Baby Names Needed (Soon!) – Boy & Girl Twins

A reader named Nate just sent me this note:

We just had a set of twins arrive about 2 months early. They are doing well in the NICU, but needless to say, we weren’t quite prepared for the arrival and haven’t got names picked out.

We need both a boy and girl name. We have a 2 year old daughter named Parker Rose. We like the different but familiar feel of Parker and don’t have a strong preference for or aversion to unisex names for girls. Current names on our lists – Boy: Heath, Everett, Tristan, Beckett; Girl: Piper, Kendall, Ansley, Charlotte, Sloan.

Any more ideas along those lines? (Last name starts with “J”)

I’m so glad the twins are doing well. I hope that continues!

Of the names on the shortlist right now, I might cross off Piper and Ansley. Piper because it’s so close to Parker, Ansley because I feel like a lot of people would mispronounce it.

Personally, my favorites are Charlotte for the baby girl and either Heath or Everett for the baby boy.

I thought the following names might be of interest as well:


(I didn’t try to sort by gender because so many of these go both ways nowadays.)


Which of the names above do you like best for the twins? What other names would you suggest to Nate?