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How popular is the baby name Ashley? What is the meaning of Ashley? What baby names are similar to Ashley? Popularity, definition, and origin of Ashley.

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Popularity of the Baby Name Ashley

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Soap Opera Names as Baby Names

Below are over 25 baby names that have been given a boost by various soap operas — All My Children, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, One Life to Live, and more. Alanmichael The character Alan-Michael Spaulding debuted on Guiding Light in 1981 as a baby, then was re-introduced […] more

Popular Baby Names in Jamaica

Here are the most popular baby names in Jamaica for 2008: Boy Names Girl Names 1. Daniel 2. Joshua 3. Jordan 4. Ricardo 5. Anthony 1. Brihanna 2. Rhianna 3. Ashley 4. Gabrielle 5. Abigail Why 2008? Well, the the Jamaican Government’s Naming Your Child the Jamaican Way page hasn’t […] more

Names Still Don’t Make Good Passwords

Last week, Mashable posted a list of the 25 worst passwords of 2011. The list included three names: Ashley (#16), Bailey (#17) and Michael (#24). Names didn’t make good passwords two years ago, and they still don’t make good passwords today. So if you’re using a name as a password […] more

6-Letter Baby Names – Most Popular of 2010

Which 6-letter names were the most popular in 2010? Top 6-Letter Boy Names Top 6-Letter Girl Names 1. Jayden (ranked 4th overall) 2. Daniel (8th) 3. Joshua (11th) 4. Andrew (14th) 5. Elijah (18th) 6. Joseph (20th) 7. Samuel (24th) 8. Nathan (27th) 9. Landon (32nd) 10. Isaiah (45th) 1. […] more

Mount St. Helens Baby Names?

Overheard in southwestern Washington state — in the vicinity of Mount St. Helens — in early 1980: “If the mountain really blows, they’ve decided to name their new baby Helena if it’s a girl and Ashley if it’s a boy.” As we all know, the mountain did blow, but not […] more

Boys with Girlish Names Prone to Behavioral Problems?

Did you know that boys with girlish names are more likely (than boys with boyish names) to exhibit behavioral problems in school? Here’s how Prof. David N. Figlio explained the relationship to LiveScience: When in elementary school, boys named Ashley and Shannon, for instance, behave just like their more masculine-named […] more

Charlie – Boy Name or Girl Name?

To some, Charlie is a boy name. It’s a nickname for the male name Charles. To others, Charlie is a girl name. It’s a feminine form of Charles, just like Charlene and Charlotte are feminine forms of Charles. How are parents actually using the name Charlie nowadays? Well, if we […] more

Baby Name Needed for the Sister of Finlay

A reader named Jennifer has a daughter named Finlay Augustine and is now expecting another baby girl. Here’s what she says: I would prefer to stay in the Irish or Scottish tradition, but am open. We are considering Evangeline Fae, Raleigh Fiona, and Maevy with either Fae or Fiona as […] more

The Strongest Girl Names in the Top 20

A few weeks ago I reordered the top 20 boy names according to their relative masculinity. I called that post the The Strongest Boy Names in the Top 20. But we can’t stop at boy names. That wouldn’t be fair. So here are the top 20 girl names reordered according […] more

Turn Off Your TV When Brainstorming for Baby Names

One of my husband’s relatives has a teenage daughter named Amanda. A few months ago, she told us that Amanda’s name had been inspired by a Melrose Place character. She kind of shrugged as she admitted it, as if to say, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now.” […] more

Names Do Not Make Good Passwords

If you use Facebook or MySpace, it’s time to change your password. RockYou, a company that creates applications for social networking sites, was hacked last month. Over 32 million passwords were stolen and made public. Those 32 million passwords have since been analyzed, and a list of the top 100 […] more

Baby Names (No Longer) Needed – August, Lori, Lucille, Silas

We helped eight readers brainstorm for baby names in April and May of last year. So far, I’ve heard back from five of those eight. Jennifer selected Lucille (nn Lucy), Rachel stuck with Silas, Cora welcomed Sebastian and August (nn Bash and Gus), Heather chose Marie as Amelia’s middle name, […] more

Shakespearean Makeovers for the Top 20 Baby Girl Names

Wish the the top 20 names had a more Elizabethan ring to them? Well, wish no more! I did my best to match each of the most popular baby girl names with similar-sounding names from Shakespeare: Modern Names Shakespearean Names Emily Emilia, Othello; Winter’s Tale; Two Noble Kinsmen Aemelia, Comedy […] more

Most Popular Baby Names of 2007

The most popular baby names in the U.S. were updated yesterday. Here are the new top 25 girl names and boys names: Top Girl Names, 2007 Change vs. 2006 Top Boy Names, 2007 Change vs. 2006 1. Emily 2. Isabella 3. Emma 4. Ava 5. Madison 6. Sophia 7. Olivia […] more

First Babies (and First Baby Names) of 2008

Here are some New Year’s babies from around the nation: Dothan, AL: Adia Mobile, AL: Bryce Anthony Anchorage, AK: Alexander (whose mom, Donna, was the first baby born in Gary, IN in 1974) Fort Wainwright, AK: Gabriel Louis Mohave County, AZ: Joel Oswaldo Yuma County, AZ: Yesenia Bay Area, CA: […] more

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