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How Do You Pronounce Ashleen?

One of my readers recently wrote:

My husband is of Irish decent so we thought we’d like to use an Irish name for our first child. But I want to be sure it’s pronounced right. So how would you pronounce Ashleen. I thought it looks like the American Ashley with n sound added on, but I wasn’t sure which syllable gets the accent.

Though Ashleen and Ashley aren’t related (in this case), she’s right — the pronunciation would basically be Ashley with an n-sound.

Aisling is the original form of the name. It comes from an Irish word for “vision” or “dream.” (It’s also a poetic genre.) Though the pronunciation can vary from place to place, Aisling is most often pronounced ASH-ling. Here are some audio samples: one at YouTube, two more at Forvo.

Ashleen is one of several Anglicized forms of Aisling. To get it as close to the original as possible, she’d have to retain the stress on the first syllable: ASH-leen.

If she wants to get even closer to the original, she could try spelling without that “ee” in the last syllable. Perhaps Ashlin/Ashlyn/Ashlynn (ASH-lin) or Ashling (ASH-ling).