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More Bad Press for Unique Baby Names

Reader Angela just sent me a link to Astravaganza?! When parents regret their kids’ names by Susan Gregory Thomas.

The article mentions a 15-year old whose overzealous mom gave her seven names, “including Astravaganza and Angeletta, that were Russian, Greek, and even made-up names for Hope, Stars, Butterfly, and more.” Nowadays, she doesn’t use any of them; she goes by “Lola.”

It also mentions a baby named Ryder after Kate Hudson’s son Ryder (sad) and quotes psychologist Michael Brody:

Children have always been objects of enhancement, but with celebrities and names now, there is a total objectification. People see celebrities having or adopting more and more children, and giving them names that attract even more attention to them, and there is the sense that they should do the same for their own kids.

Unique, attention-grabbing names — inspired by celebrities, associated with narcissism, embarrassing for kids. What are the benefits again…?