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Baby Named “Atheist Evolution”

On July 20, 1994, George and Tina Rollason of York, Pennsylvania, welcomed a baby girl.

They named her Atheist Evolution Rollason.

George said “Atheist Evolution” was their answer to biblical baby names:

There’s so many people named Christian, or Christine. This is just one person named Atheist. What the heck’s the difference?

Tina added, “It’s kind of cute once you say it a couple of times.”

Atheist Rollason would be about 18 now, but I can find no trace of her online (beyond reports/commentary about her name). This makes me think she goes by something other than Atheist nowadays.

P.S. Atheist’s two older brothers aren’t Skeptic and Freethinker. Nope, just plain old Harvey and Kipp.

Source: “Parents name baby Atheist Evolution.” Milwaukee Journal 12 Sep. 1994: A6.