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Finnish Baby Named After Donald Duck

Finnish professional golfers Minea Blomqvist and Roope Kakko welcomed their first child, a baby boy, back on the last day of March. They were going to name their son Elmeri Mikael, but right after he was born they threw in a third name–Aku, in honor of Donald Duck.


Well, Donald Duck is something of a cultural icon in Finland, thanks to the much-loved, 60-year-old comic book Aku Ankka (that’s Donald Duck’s Finnish name). In fact, Aku Ankka is Finland’s most popular weekly publication.

The baby’s birth-date, 31 March (European style), immediately reminded Minea of Aku Ankka’s license plate, 313. So she and Roope added Aku to their son’s name, making it Elmeri Aku Mikael, nn Elmo.

Kinda fitting, as Roope and Minni (Minea’s nn) are the Finnish names of Scrooge McDuck and Minnie Mouse. (No word on whether Elmeri was inspired by Elmer Fudd, but somehow I don’t think so.)

Also, I should mention that Aku isn’t the Finnish form of Donald. (I don’t believe there is a Finnish form of Donald. Donaldi? Probably not.) Aku just goes well with ankka, the Finnish word for duck. Aku is short for Aukusti, the Finnish form of Augustus.

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