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Baby Name Warning from 1942

Unusual baby names are discussed regularly online, in entertainment magazines, even on late night TV. But I don’t often see the topic come up in old newspapers, which is why I was surprised to find the following in a 1942 issue of the Spokane Daily Chronicle:

News pictures recently gave publicity to a baby who was born during a practice air-raid blackout and whose mother hit on the expediency of naming her Dawn Siren. Another baby has been named Victory Pearl Harbor.

These names did not impress our anonymous reporter:

Herewith is a brief for all children whose parents give them unusual mirth-provoking or humiliating names. The offending fathers and mothers may be well meaning enough and in some cases the names have significance at the time they are given, but before long the child is hanging his head in shame under the storm of derision of his playmates, or blushing when he gives his name for the roll at school.

Dawn and Victory seem tame nowadays…makes me wonder what this person would have had to say about Aussie, Crimson and Marijauna.

Source: “What’s in a name? Plenty.” Spokane Daily Chronicle 6 Jan. 1942: 4.

Baby Boy in Australia Named Aussie Trooper

A baby boy named Aussie Trooper was born in Australia several weeks ago to patriotic parents Ben Kenna and Adele Plane.

The baby’s first name is (of course) a tribute to Australia. His middle name comes from the Iron Maiden song “The Trooper,” though his mother adds:

Trooper has two meanings really – for Ben it’s about Iron Maiden, but for me it’s about it being a harsh world and Aussie’s going to have to be a trooper.

Aussie Trooper has three older siblings: Lucy, Travis and Ava.

Source: Aussie is a real little Trooper