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Popularity of the Baby Name Austreberta

Posts that Mention the Name Austreberta

Ungodly Saint Names – Eustochium, Fronto, Smaragdus, Walburgis

While looking for male and female saint names that would appeal to parents, I discovered many names that belong at the other end of the spectrum.

But a post full of hundreds of horrible-yet-holy names? That would’ve taken up quite a bit of space. So I whittled it down to a few dozen:

Female Male
St. Austreberta
St. Begga
St. Burgundofara
St. Emerentiana
St. Eustochium
St. Exuperantia
St. Frideswide
St. Milburga
St. Monegundis
St. Perseveranda
St. Pharaildis
St. Praepedigna
St. Radegundis
St. Walburgis
St. Waltrude
St. Agathopodus
St. Ansgar
St. Aphthonius
St. Asclepiodotus
St. Barsanuphius
St. Chrodogangus
St. Clodulphus
St. Ctesiphon
St. Droctoveus
St. Ebrulfus
St. Erkembode
St. Ethbinus
St. Ethelwoldus
St. Flosculus
St. Fronto
St. Grimoaldus
St. Homobonus
St. Hormisdas (was a pope!)
St. Lupus
St. Mappalicus
St. Nonnosus
St. Paphnutius
St. Phlegon
St. Polyaenus
St. Quodvultdeus
St. Scubiculus
St. Smaragdus
St. Torquatus
St. Wallabonsus
St. Wandregisilus

Which would sound the most ridiculous on a modern American child, do you think?