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Names Challenged in Quebec – Avalanche, Glacier, C’est-un-Ange

As a follow-up to the post on unusual baby names in Quebec, I thought I’d write about the fact that the government of Quebec can challenge parents on baby names it deems inappropriate. Names that have been challenged by the Registrar of Civil Status include:

C’est-un-Ange (It’s an angel)

Back in 1998, the government challenged the name Ivory because it also happened to be the name of a brand of soap. Baby girl Ivory was ultimately able to keep her name.

Just a few months ago, the government challenged the name Logan Avalanche. There was no problem with the first name (inspired by Canada’s highest mountain) but the Registrar wanted an explanation for the middle. I don’t know if any decisions have been reached yet, but I can tell you that the name of the Logan’s older brother, Brant Glacier, had also been challenged but was later approved.

Do you know of any other baby names that have been challenged in Quebec?

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