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Russian, Azerbaijani, Estonian & Tatar Baby Names

tatar-name-bahtiyarEdwin D. Lawson, former president of the American Name Society, has put together a bunch of free, downloadable .wmv files to teach you the pronunciations and meanings of hundreds of Russian, Azeribaijani, Estonian and (West Siberian) Tatar names.

For instance, the male name Bahtiyar [pron. bahx-TEE-yahr] is used by Tatar speakers and comes from a Turkic root meaning “followed by chance.” (Tatar is a Turkic language.)

The files are available at Lawson’s SUNY Fredonia page. Here are the direct links:

Lawson also wrote an interesting essay about religious and patriotic name usage in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Azerbaijan over the course of the 20th century.