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Would You Pay to Know a Celebrity Baby Name?

We’ve all seen celebs announce baby names via blogs and microblogs. Drew Brees (@drewbrees) and Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) have both recently tweeted the names of their new arrivals, for instance.

But Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt apparently wants to profit from the announcement of his third child’s name, so he’s asking fans to pay $2 for a text message from Text A Star. Here’s what it says on Hewitt’s website:

October 23, 2010

Today, Lleyton Hewitt announced via Text a Star the following:

“Bec, Mia, Cruz and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family last Tuesday. Mum and baby are great! Dad, big sister and brother elated.”

The name of the new addition will be sent through Text a Star later in the week.


And, would you ever consider paying to be the first to know the name of a particular celebrity’s baby? (If so, which celeb?)

Source: Celebrities cash in on latest additions

UPDATE: First, the baby’s name is Ava Sydney. (Sydney after the Australian city? Not sure.) Second, Hewitt claims he’s not trying to profit from his baby’s name. Sounds like he wanted to circumvent the media and give fans the info first. I like the thinking, but wonder…did he completely forget that he has a web page on which he could announce such information to fans for free?