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Top 10 Rejected Baby Names in New Zealand

According to New Zealand’s Internal Affairs Department, a total of 350 baby names were rejected over the last ten years (July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2011).

The top 10 rejected names were these:

  1. Justice (49 rejections)
  2. Princess (24 rejections)
  3. King (21 rejections)
  4. Prince (20 rejections)
  5. Royal (12 rejections)
  6. Duke (7 rejections)
  7. Bishop (7 rejections)
  8. Major (6 rejections)
  9. J (6 rejections)
  10. Lucifer (6 rejections)

Other rejected names were Messiah, Christ, Saint, Mafia No Fear, Anal and V8. Also rejected were single letters, Roman numerals and punctuation marks.

What are the baby-naming rules in New Zealand? No baby names are explicitly off-limits, but there are three basic restrictions:

  • Names can’t be more than 100 characters long,
  • Names can’t be/include/resemble an official rank or title, and
  • Names shouldn’t be offensive to the general public.

Here are some past posts on baby names rejected in New Zealand, baby names approved in New Zealand, and babies getting gang names in New Zealand.

Source: List of rejected baby names released

Baby Names Banned in New Zealand

New Zealand recently released a list of 102 baby names that have been rejected over the last two years. I can’t give you the full list — I haven’t been able to track it down, even at the New Zealand government website — but here’s a partial list:

. (period)
* (asterisk)
/ (forward slash)

Source: Lucifer, Full Stop baby names rejected

Newborns with Unique Names – Crash, Gurshanthee, Sinatra, Vanidy

Here are some unique baby names I’ve come across recently on various birth announcement websites and hospital websites…

Boy names:
Armor, Bariledum, Bishop, Cache, Chakotay-Sol, Courage, Crash, Delaware, Eagle, Eros, Glaekan, Hostetler, Koix, Kurigun, Lomawisiwma, Panther, Quinmetris, Rook, Sailor, Sinatra, Skysun, Stylz, Teak

Girl names:
Ah-Lee-Sha, Chantellance, Cioey, Dystance, Fancy, Feather, Galexie, Guimerà, Gurshanthee, Hergzon, Isalaelu, Jatzary, Jeilexandria, Jexxalynn, Ko’rrel, Mandalyn, Miakoda, Payshentz, Temperance, Timber, Treazure-Belle, Vanidy, Vision, Zephyr

To keep things simple, I only looked at first names this time. (The list I complied last October includes middles.)