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Worst Baby Names for San Franciscans?

San Francisco
San Francisco at Sunset
All the San Franciscans out there will appreciate Worst Baby Names for San Franciscans, in which Wendy Steiner helps expectant parents steer clear of bad baby names based on the groups they identify with.

Are you a techie? Avoid the name “Founder.”

Hipster? Say no to “Dolores.”

Bohemian? Cross off “Kombucha.”

Here’s her list for the foodies:

You must be so excited to take a break from photographing your food to begin taking pictures of your baby. Then again, you’re probably too busy stressing over how to make your own organic baby food to even be bothered. Keep on saving that name you like that no one else finds charming for the dream restaurant you’re totally going to get around to opening.

Please don’t name your baby:


(I know people who memorialize every single thing they eat with a photo. I’m pretty sure it’s a mental illness. I think Pathological Food Photography will be in the DSM one day.)

Also intriguing was her list for people who are a bit too enthusiastic about San Francisco:


If I were going to make a list like this for Boston, I’d say: Fenway, Faneuil, Southie, Bruin, and the letter T.

What city-specific baby names should be avoided by expectant parents in your favorite city?

Image: San Francisco at Sunset by Digon3

Name in the News – BridgeAnne

BridgeAnne d’Avignon, a seventh-grader in California, and her grandfather have worked together to determine that Barack Obama is related to every other U.S. president (except for Martin Van Buren) through English king John “Lackland” Plantagenet (1166-1216).

I’ve seen names like Bridget-Anne before, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a T-less version of Bridget. Then again, maybe her name wasn’t based on Bridget at all, but inspired by a bridge somewhere.