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The Baby Name Brindabella

Yesterday’s mention of Woolloomooloo reminded me of the Hepner triplets — Abby, Laurel, and Brindabella — born in California late last year. Brindabella refers to the Brindabella mountain range in Australia, which is where the triplets’ father is from:

Mr. Hepner, who grew up in Canberra, said he had spent a lot of time exploring the Brindabella Ranges. “They are an intimate part of my history and early appreciation for the natural world. It is also where we had our small wedding ceremony in 2007, on top of Mount Franklin,” he said.

I found out about the triplets via Waltzing More than Matilda. Here’s what Anna says about the origin of the word Brindabella:

The name Brindabella is said to mean “two hopping mice” in a local Aboriginal language. Hopping mice are native Australian mice with long tails, large ears and strong back legs; they can hop about just like a rabbit or a kangaroo. Another theory is that brindy brindy meant “water running over rocks”, and that Europeans added a -bella at the end, to suggest “beautiful”.

I have to admit that “Abby, Laurel and Brindabella” kinda reminds me of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. :)

What do you think of the name Brindabella?

Source: Former Canberra resident’s identical triplets cause a sensation