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The (Pre-Kardashian) Baby Name Jenner

Bruce Jenner
© Sports Illustrated
Much has been said lately about Caitlyn Jenner’s first name (which, notably, does not start with a K).

But what about her surname?

Because, long before the Kardashians were a thing, the baby name Jenner debuted on the charts — first as a boy name, then as a girl name:

  • 1978: unlisted
  • 1977: 9 baby boys & 5 baby girls named Jenner
  • 1976: 8 baby boys named Jenner [debut]
  • 1975: unlisted

The decathlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner shot to international fame in 1976 after winning a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Montreal. (This was about 2 weeks after Nadia Comaneci scored her perfect ten.)

The name Jenner has seen even higher usage in recent years thanks to the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which has been on the air since late 2007.

How do you like Jenner as a first name? Do you think it works better as a boy name or a girl name?

Baby Names to Celebrate Canberra’s Centennial Year

Canberra, the capital of Australia, was established (and named) on March 12, 1913 — almost exactly a century ago.

So the Canberra Times is asking people to suggest baby names that could commemorate Canberra’s centennial year, 2013.

Here are some names they’ve come up with so far:

  • Acacia, a genus of trees, most of which are native to Australia
  • Bluebelle, “after the Royal Bluebell, our Territory’s floral emblem”
  • Corymbia, a type of eucalyptus
  • Makaira, from the genus of the Black Marlin
  • Melliodora, another type of eucalyptus

One reader mentioned that his daughter was named “Aisha Caitlyn Truelsen” — initials ACT, same as the initials of the Australian Capital Territory. Her father said “she is quite chuffed about seeing ACT all over the place.”

What other Australia-specific (or, better, Canberra-specific) baby names would you suggest?

Here’s one idea: Gertrude, for Gertrude Mary Denman (1884-1954). Her name might not be stylish right now, but she was the person who officially named Canberra back in 1913.

Source: State of baby names range from the botanical to fishy

EDIT: Waltzing More than Matilda has tracked down an article about the baby that kicked off the Canberra Times’ search for centennial names — Allegra Bluebelle, born in Canberra last year on December 28.

7/7 Survivor Names Son After Rescuer

Six years ago, Dan Biddle lost both of his legs and one eye in the 7/7 London bombings.

He would have bled to death on the subway tracks if not for ex-soldier Adrian Heili, who stayed behind and put tourniquets what remained of Dan’s legs.

Dan then “spent six weeks in a coma and a year in hospital.”

A little over a month ago, Dan and his wife Lisa welcomed their second child, a baby boy. What did they name him? Nathan Adrian, in honor of the man who saved Dan’s life.

Dan said:

I phoned Adrian soon after the birth and said something like, ‘I hope you don’t mind but I’ve named him after you’. It choked him up a bit.

Their eldest child is 2-year-old Caitlyn.

Source: 7/7 survivor names baby after rescuer (via