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Popularity of the Baby Name Cal

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

Posts that Mention the Name Cal

Baby Named Cali for Cal Ripken

A baby girl born in Baltimore on September 5, 1995 — just after Baltimore Orioles baseball player Calvin “Cal” Ripken tied the 2,130 consecutive-game record set by Lou Gehrig in 1939 — was named Cali, in honor of Cal.

(Cali’s mother, Kimberly Drouillard, mentioned that the name was her husband idea, and that the baby was originally going to be named Alexia.)

And Cali wasn’t the only baby named with Cal Ripken in mind around that time. Usage of the name Cal spiked in the mid-1990s…

  • 1999: 69 baby boys named Cal
  • 1998: 72 baby boys named Cal
  • 1997: 93 baby boys named Cal
  • 1996: 112 baby boys named Cal
  • 1995: 84 baby boys named Cal
  • 1994: 47 baby boys named Cal
  • 1993: 52 baby boys named Cal

…and the name Ripken first appeared in the data in 1997.

Source: Olney, Buster. “Behind scenes, Ripken nights were memorable, too.” Baltimore Sun 8 Sep. 1995.

Which Baby Names Can Be Split in Two?

baby names split in two

In 1916, the London Globe mentioned twins named Jere and Miah:

There lived for many years in the village of Twerton, Bath, one named Miah. He was born a twin, and his parents thriftily divided the predestined name of Jeremiah between them, the other babe being christened Jere.

What other names could we divide into two usable mini-names like this?

Here are a few ideas to kick things off…

Abigail, Abi + Gail
Anastasia, Ana + Stasia
Calista, Cal + Ista
Drusilla, Dru + Silla
Elizabeth, Eliza + Beth
Mozelle, Mo + Zelle
Valentina, Valen + Tina
Alexander, Alex + Ander
Christopher, Chris + Topher
Denzel, Den + Zel
Donovan, Dono + Van
Joseph, Jo + Seph
Rexford, Rex + Ford
William, Wil + Liam

…what others can you think of?

Source: “Some Odd Christian Names.” Bee [Earlington, KY] 8 Dec. 1916: 8.

Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish

Cal McLish, born in 1925, was a Major League Baseball pitcher. He played from the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s for a total of 7 different teams.

His full name? Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish.


“There were seven of us in the family and my mother named all but me,” says Cal. “When I came along she let dad pick a name and he came up with Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma. It’s a dandy, ain’t it?

“I don’t know why he named me Calvin Coolidge. He never voted Republican in his life, in fact, he was a Democrat. Just like the name, I guess. And I suppose that’s why he slipped Julius Caesar in there, too.

“Tuskahoma is an Indian name, so that makes sense. I think it was a town in the Indian territory of Oklahoma. Both my mom and dad were born in Indian territory though they’re not full-blooded Indians.”

Source: Vaughan, Doug. “On the Rebound.” Windsor Daily Star 5 Jun. 1956: 18.