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Top Baby Names in Oklahoma, 2011

According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, the most popular baby names in Oklahoma in 2011 were these:

Boy Names Girl Names Unisex Names
1. William
2. Mason
3. Jacob
4. Elijah
5. Noah
6. Ethan
7. Aiden
8. Michael
9. James
10. Wyatt
11. Gabriel
12. Jackson
13. Jayden
14. Alexander
15. Hunter
16. Landon
17. Bentley
18. David
19. Eli
20. Joshua
1. Emma
2. Sophia
3. Isabella
4. Olivia
5. Addison
6. Ava
7. Emily
8. Abigail
9. Brooklyn
10. Madison
11. Chloe
12. Avery
13. Elizabeth
14. Lillian
15. Alexis
16. Lily
17. Zoey
18. Harper
19. Natalie
20. Ella
1. Riley
2. Charlie
3. River
4. Landry
5. Reece
6. Elliot
7. Camdyn
8. Skylar
9. Emerson
10. Jessie
11. Briar
12. Justice
13. Harley
14. Rowan
15. Baylor
16. Casey
17. Chandler
18. Tegan
19. Kamdyn
20. Memphis

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a U.S. state put out a list of top gender-neutral names before. Interesting. Wish I knew what guideline/formula they were using to classify certain names as gender-neutral instead of gendered, though.

I also think it’s interesting that Zoey made the top 20, but Zoe didn’t. (Unless “Zoey” is a typo in my source article.)

I posted about bizarre baby names in Oklahoma in early 2011 — remember 12-Gage? — but the state hasn’t yet put out another of those nifty baby name PDFs, so I can’t dig any deeper into the 2011 names than this. All I know is that “Oklahoma children were bestowed with 7,517 unique girls’ names and 5,255 unique boys’ names in 2011.”

Source: William, Emma top most-popular baby names