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Will Same-Sex Couples Affect Baby-Naming Trends?

I read an article yesterday that featured 15 D.C. power couples. Most of the people mentioned had common names (e.g. Cathy, Katie, Tom, Chris). One name did fake me out, though.

Right after a section about Jeremy Bernard and Rufus Gifford (two men), there was a section about Antony Blinken and Evan Ryan (not two men — Evan is a female).

My first question was: Why would the writer place Antony and Evan right after the only same-sex couple? Is he purposefully trying confuse readers?

And, going beyond the placement issue: Do you think the growing visibility of same-sex couples could drive parents to start curbing their use of male and dual-gender names for female babies? (To avoid mix-ups like the one I experienced?)

Poking Fun at Baby Naming

Do you ever read the comic strip Cathy?

Baby names have been the hot topic for the past week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (my fave), Thursday, Friday and today. (Thanks to Nancy Friedman of Away With Words for tuning me in to this.)

The Cathy strips immediately reminded me of another baby name-themed comic I saw a while back at bLaugh:

we're not naming her skype

Will tech-inspired names be the next big trend? Who knows — Vista has been used, so maybe one day there will indeed be a baby Skype. :)