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Will Your Leap Day Baby Be Named Brooklyn?

The family of the first baby Brooklyn born in the continental U.S. on Leap Day (February 29, 2008) will receive $1,000 in Domino’s gift certificates. All other babies named Brooklyn born on Feb. 29 will receive a “Brooklyn-style pizza party.” In both cases, any spelling of the name is acceptable.

The promotion is being held in honor of Domino’s BRKLYN pizza. (Domino’s held a similar promotion 4 years ago for babies named Dot and Dorothy, in honor of Domino’s Dots.)

To claim your prize, get in touch with Chantele Telegadas [734-930-3451 or chantele.telegadas (at)].

P.S. Thank you to Andy Merrett of for letting me know about this. Here’s Andy’s original post: Would you name your baby Brooklyn to get free pizza?.