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Some Popular Baby Names in Luxembourg from 2013

After reading about Luxembourg’s top baby names of 2014 in the Luxemburger Wort, I searched for earlier baby name articles there and managed to find some info about the top names of 2013:

  • In Luxembourg city, the top girl names were Amy, Emily and Eva, and the top boy names were Luca, Noah and Charel. “Names like Félix, Kevin and Louis were also popular boys names, as well as traditional Luxembourgish names like Tun and Léonie made a comeback in 2013.”
  • In Esch/Alzette, the top boy names were also Noah and Luca.
  • In Ettelbrück, the top girl names were Mia, Emma and Tatiana, and the top boy names were Logan, Pedro and Santiago.

The article didn’t include a list of popular names for the entire country, though.

Source: 2013’s most popular baby names in Luxembourg