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Where did the baby name Paladin come from?

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The English word paladin — borrowed from French in the late 1500s — originally referred to one of the twelve legendary knights in Charlemagne’s court. The definition later evolved to encompass any knight known for being particularly heroic or chivalrous.

The word also happens to refer to a handful of people who are not knights at all. How? It’s their legal name! Paladin started popping up in the U.S. baby name data in the late 1950s:

  • 1960: unlisted
  • 1959: 5 baby boys named Paladin
  • 1958: 5 baby boys named Paladin [debut]
  • 1957: unlisted
  • 1956: unlisted

The pop culture influence wasn’t a knight, though. It was a gunfighter. A gentleman gunfighter.

Paladin, played by actor Richard Boone, was the mononymous protagonist of the TV Western Have Gun – Will Travel, which aired from 1957 to 1963. (The series was also adapted into a radio show, several novels, and a line of comic books.)

Gun-for-hire Paladin was a West Point grad who lived in a San Francisco hotel, smoked expensive cigars, had box seats at the opera house, and spoke Chinese. Cleverly, he used a knight chess piece as his personal symbol: a silver one adorned his holster, and another was printed on his business card. (Yes, he had business cards.)

The name Paladin dropped off the charts after 1958, but has since returned several times in the new millennium (perhaps thanks to role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons).

What are your thoughts on the baby name Paladin?


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The 20 Children of Charlemagne


The name Charlemagne — French for Carolus Magnus, or “Carl the strong” — debuted on the girls’ list last year, strangely.

Let’s celebrate this weirdness by checking out what the King of the Franks named his own kids.

Historians believe Charlemagne had about 20 children with various wives and concubines. His first child was born around 768 and his last came along in 807.

Here are the names of Charlemagne’s 11 daughters:

  • Adalhaid – based on the Germanic words adal meaning “noble” and heid meaning “sort, kind.”
  • Adaltrude – based on the Germanic words adal meaning “noble” and þruþ meaning “strength.”
  • Alpaida – ?
  • Amaudru – ?
  • Bertha – based on the Germanic word berht meaning “bright” or “famous.”
  • Gisela – based on the Germanic word gisil meaning “pledge.”
  • Hildegarde – based on the Germanic words hild meaning “battle” and gard meaning “enclosure.”
  • Hiltrude – based on the Germanic words hild meaning “battle” and þruþ meaning “strength.”
  • Rotrude, also written Hruodrud – based on the Germanic words hrod meaning “fame” and þruþ meaning “strength.”
  • Ruodhaid – based on the Germanic words hrod meaning “fame” and heid meaning “sort, kind.”
  • Theodrada – based on the Germanic words þeud meaning “people, race” and rat meaning “advice, counsel.”

And here are the names of Charlemagne’s 9 sons:

  • Carloman, later renamed Pepin/Pippin – the first based on the Germanic words karl meaning “free man” and man meaning “man,” the second of unknown origin, possibly based on the Germanic root bib-, meaning “to tremble.”
  • Charles – based on the Germanic word karl meaning “free man.”
  • Drogo – of unknown origin, possibly based on the Germanic word (gi)drog meaning “ghost,” the Germanic word tragen meaning “to carry,” or the Slavic word dorogo meaning “dear.”
  • Hugh – based on the Germanic word hug meaning “heart, mind, spirit.”
  • Lothair (twin) – based on the Germanic words hrod meaning “fame” and hari meaning “army.”
  • Louis (twin) – based on the Germanic words hrod meaning “fame” and wig meaning “war.”
  • Pippin – see Carloman.
  • Richbod – based on the Germanic words ric meaning “power, ruler” and bod meaning “ruler” or “messenger.”
  • Theodoric – based on the Germanic words þeud meaning “people, race” and ric meaning “power, ruler.”

Which of the above name(s) do you like best?

(And, does anyone know the etymology of either Alpaida or Amaudru? I’m stumped on those.)


Top Baby Girl Name Debuts of 2013

Top Girl Name Debut of 2013? Vanellope.

Vanellope, the name of the feisty Wreck-It Ralph character, was the top debut name of 2013.

Of all the girl names appearing for the very first time on a Social Security Administration baby name list in 2013, the following were the most popular:

1. Vanellope, 63 baby girls
2. Delayza, 24
3. Adalind, 23
4. Jonylah, 22
5. Daleiza, 19
6. Daleisa, 18
7. Dalayza, 17
8. Daleyssa, 16
9. Ariebella, 15
10. Jennicka, 15
11. Stassi, 14
12. Jayceona, 13
13. Dalexa, 12
14. Graceleigh, 12
15. Kemely, 12
16. Lennan, 12
17. Pihu, 12
18. Spruha, 12
19. Hypatia, 11
20. Idalie, 11
21. Jessalee, 11
22. Mayalen, 11
23. Mirola, 11
24. Riyaan, 11
25. Sansa, 11

And a selection from the 10-and-under group: Aleciram (Maricela backwards), Jayceon, Oswin, Zaleigha, Azealia, Eribella, Jayceonna, Kahleesi, Malala, Pistol, Pragati, Vanelope, Venelope, Wrenly, Faraday, Happiness, Pemberley, Wrenley, Epic, Prim, Rarity, Briggs, Charlemagne, Kinzington, Bow, Essined (Denisse backwards), Gunner, Lwren (L’Wren), Moxxi, Quora, Sierraleone, Thisbe, Versavia, Zeppelin.

Where do these names come from? Here are some explanations:

  • Vanellope, Vanelope, Venelope – from Vanellope von Schweetz, a character in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph (2012). Her name is a portmanteau of “vanilla” and “Penelope.”
  • Delayza, Daleiza, Daleisa, Dalayza, Daleyssa, Dalexa – from Daleyza Hernandez, a character on the Spanish-language TV show “Larrymania.”
  • Adalind – from Adalind Schade, a character on the TV show “Grimm.”
  • Jonylah – from Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month-old Chicago baby who was fatally shot back in March.
  • Stassi – from Stassi Schroeder (birth name Nastassia) of the Bravo reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.”
  • Jayceona, Jayceon, Jayceonna – from Jayceon Taylor (a.k.a. The Game) of the VH1 reality TV show “Marrying The Game.”
  • Pihu – from Pihu Kapoor, a character on the Indian TV show “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.”
  • Spruha – from Indian actress Spruha Joshi?
  • Hypatia – from the film Agora (2009)?
  • Sansa – from Sansa Stark, a character on the TV show “Game of Thrones.”
  • Malala – from Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist.

Can you come up with explanations for any of the others?

P.S. Here are the girl name debuts for 2012, 2011 and 2010.

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Top Baby Names in Alberta, 2007

Last year, the Canadian province of Alberta saw a record number of births: 48,589 babies overall (24,748 boys and 23,841 girls). The baby girls shared a total of 6,440 names, and the baby boys shared a total of 5,134.

Here are the top ten baby names, per gender, of 2007:

Girl Names

  1. Ava
  2. Emma
  3. Emily
  4. Olivia
  5. Sarah
  6. Hannah
  7. Madison
  8. Abigail
  9. Sophia
  10. Hailey

Boy Names

  1. Ethan
  2. Jacob
  3. Logan
  4. Noah
  5. Joshua
  6. Owen
  7. Alexander
  8. Liam
  9. Matthew
  10. Nathan

And here are a few examples of some of the more unusual ones:

Unusual Girl NamesUnusual Boy Names
Arooj, Aruba, Aunesty, Balroop, Birsvtar, Butterfly, Chaos, Charlemagne, Coltanna, DaKayDa, Dinela-Al-aaridhy, Eckoe, Ellexis, Ervasu, Emma-Star-Ulaniq, Fhea, Frishta, God’s, Gulnoro, Halo, Hargunn, Hoodo, Ippitha, Isabeau, Jedhi, Jessence, Jurnee, Kalifornia, Kappy, Kawther, Legacy, Lexxannah, Lutfia, Manning, Million, Mlak, Morningstar, Nigma, Nonsikelglo, Nyater, October-Rose, Oluwapamilerinayo, Poet, Primnutcha, Proudfeather, Raynebow-Roze, RocRock, Roohee, Saturday, Scotia, Shgan, Thistle, Tsz, Tutu, Upulitha, Vhinarenz, Vong, Wes-Leigh, Whisper, Xyrhl, Yuk, Zamber, ZamzamAbdulmoaeez, Ambiious, Atlas, Bienvenito, Blue-Quill, Bluesky, Chancellor, Courage, Cowboy, Decland, Ding, Elilei, Ewuak, Felony, Frandon, Furious, Gatmandong, Gatwich, Gix, Goon, Hush, Husky, Inderveer, Izic, Jackpine, Johnavon, Jwad, Keeper, Koosha, Kyyus, Little, Lovemore, Loyal, Manchester, Mawt, Midnite, Milwaukee, Nahom-Tesfagabr, Nilton, Ntita, Obsidian-Angel, Ozarius, Papa-Kwamina, Preetinder, Pthaylo, Rainbow, Ripkin, Ryott, Slim, Smeet, SyliceVirgil, Thandolwenkosi, TiRay, Utah, Ved, Vutha, Watthajak, Wrigley, Xnox, Yat, Zaylex, Zedric, Zero

Source: Service Alberta

P.S. Thanks, Sandra!