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Popularity of the Baby Name Christiandaniel

Number of Babies Named Christiandaniel

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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New Directory: Baby Names by Length

I introduced the baby name popularity graphs and a baby name directory (alphabetical) a few weeks ago.

I’ve since added another name directory. This one organizes names by length — from 2 letters long all the way up to 15 letters long. (These are the SSA’s minimum & maximum lengths.)

Some of the shortest names are Om, Io, Di and Ze.

Some of the longest are Christopherryan, Laurenelizabeth, Christiandaniel and Mariadelrosario.

Here are the links to the new directory pages:

And, just for fun, the graph below shows the length breakdown of all of the nearly 90,000 names that have ever appeared on an SSA list (1880-2011).

Popular Baby Name Lengths, 1880-2011

The 6-letter names are winning, but the 7-letter names are not far behind.

Hope you enjoy the new directory!