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Popularity of the Baby Name Coby

Posts that Mention the Name Coby

Names in Song Titles – Coby, Katy, Lazarus, Martha

Here are some songs I’ve discovered recently (thanks, Pandora!) that feature given names in their titles:

  • “Alice Said” by Screaming Trees
  • “Coby” by The Lilys
  • “Eileen” by Keith Richards*
  • “Emilio” by SparkleJet
  • “Hanging On To Jane” by Samantha 7**
  • “Mountain Jim” by Clouds
  • “Slow Down Joe” by Karl Blau
  • “I Am John’s Brain” by Compulsion
  • “Kate” by Sambassadeur
  • “What Katy Did Next” by Babyshambles
  • “Hey Latasha” by Seam
  • Pictures of Lily” by The Who
  • “Lazarus” by The Devlins
  • “Maggie” by Cracker
  • “To My Beloved Martha” by Tobin Sprout
  • “Show Me Mary” by Catherine Wheel
  • “Mary Jane” by The Click Five
  • “Ophelia” by Moist
  • “Pollyanna” by Northstar
  • “Sadie” by Alkaline Trio

*Yup, solo stuff from the Rolling Stones guitarist.
**Their vocalist is C.C. Deville, interestingly enough.

…And here’s a similar post I wrote almost a year ago.