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9 More Virus-Inspired Baby Names

We’ve already talked about a bunch of virus-inspired names (Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Coviduvidapdap, Corona, Corona, Lockdown, Sanitizer), but there are still more! Here’s a round-up of ones that I’ve seen, but haven’t blogged about yet…

Corona and Corona (India): A baby girl born on March 29 was named Corona Kumari, and a baby boy born on April 5 (at the same hospital) was named Corona Kumar. The names weren’t a coincidence: They were suggested by Dr. S. F. Basha, who treated both mothers.

Corona (Indonesia): A baby girl born on April 30 was named Nara Fatimah Corona.

Covid (Philippines): A baby girl born on April 13 was named Covid Marie.

Lockdown (India): A baby boy born on May 22 — aboard a Shramik Special [train], which is very interesting — was named Lockdown.

Lockdown (India): A baby boy born in April was named Lockdown. His father Sanjay said, “We went through so much trouble due to coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. He was born in the midst of such peril. So, we have decided to name him Lockdown.”

Quarantine and Sanitizer (India): A set of male twins born in May were named Quarantine and Sanitizer. Their father Dharmendra said, “Both give us protection. So, this feeling of security should remain lifelong. These are the best names that we could [find] for our children.”

Quarantino (India): A baby boy born on May 31 was named Emmanuel Quarantino. The parents had traveled from Goa to Manipur several days earlier, so they’d been placed under institutional quarantine at an isolation center called Emmanuel School. This was where the baby was born, hence the name.

(Quarantino has to be my favorite virus-name so far. It keeps making me think of Quentin Tarantino.)

Have you spotted any other names like these in the news? If so, please leave a comment!

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“Rona” as a Baby Name?

We’ve seen some interesting baby names (e.g., Covid, Lockdown, Sanitizer) emerge in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But, so far, I haven’t heard of anyone intentionally giving their baby the name Rona — the Internet’s nickname for the disease.

The slang term Rona can now be found all over the place, from tweets (#rona) to memes (The Rona) to newspaper headlines (The ‘Rona is a Drag). Lots of people are using Rona as a search term. Here’s how described Rona:

Miss Rona, Aunt Rona, the Rona: these are all terms used to personify the virus as a villain who does not play around. “Rona is often used as a playful or ironic way to refer to COVID-19, especially when commenting on more relatable, humorous challenges of social distancing during the pandemic,” says

The jokey usage of Rona distances it somewhat from the gravity of the coronavirus situation. Couple this with the fact that repeated exposure to something often leads to a stronger preference for that thing, and I have to wonder: Will the baby name Rona see an uptick in usage in 2020?

These days, roughly two dozen baby girls per year in the U.S. get the name Rona:

  • 2018: 24 baby girls named Rona
  • 2017: 30 baby girls named Rona
  • 2016: 27 baby girls named Rona
  • 2015: 26 baby girls named Rona
  • 2014: 21 baby girls named Rona

How many baby girls, do you think, will be named Rona in 2020?

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Another Baby Named “Covid”

A baby boy born in the Philippines on April 8 was named John Covid Castillon by his parents Jose and Jemima.

Here’s how Jose, a policeman, explained the baby’s name:

As one of the frontliners in the fight against COVID-19, Castillon said that he chose to give his son the name John Covid because “John” meant God was gracious and merciful, and he thanked the Lord for keeping them safe and their baby from COVID-19.

Before John Covid, the most recent virus-inspired baby name we covered was Sanitizer.

Source: Another baby named after COVID-19

Baby Named “Sanitizer”

Last weekend, a baby boy was born in Uttar Pradesh, India, and was named Sanitizer by his parents Omvir and Monika Singh.

Here’s how Omvir explained why he chose the name Sanitizer:

Whenever people will talk of Corona, they will remember that it was Sanitizer that saved them.

What are your thoughts on this one?

Source: New born baby named ‘Sanitizer’ in UP’s Saharanpur

P.S. Some reports are spelling the name “Sanitiser.” I’m not sure which spelling, if either, is official.

P.P.S. Here are all the previous Covid-inspired baby names we’ve talked about: Covid, Covid, Coviduvidapdap, twins Corona and Covid, Corona, Lockdown, and Covid.

Another Baby in India Named “Covid”

One more baby in India has been named after the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) sweeping the globe right now. The baby boy, named Covid, was born in the state of Bihar.

His mother, Priyanjali, explained: “The name of the child will always be a reminder for us of the joy he brought by being born in such stressful circumstances.”

Source: Bihar: Gaya couple names newborn ‘Covid’