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More Olympic Names – Disney, Ludwing, Monday, Olimpio, Yipsi

Here are some more interesting Olympic names I’ve discovered:

  • Disney Rodriguez – wrestler from Cuba
  • Ludwing Manuel Ortiz Flores – judoka from Venezuela
  • Olimpio Cipriano – basketball player from Angola (and the only Olympian with an Olympus-related name!)

And here are some themed pairings:

  • Monday Merotohun & Monday James – Nigerian table tennis player & Nigerian soccer player
  • Filip Filipovic & Chamsulvara Chamsulvarayev – Serbian water polo player & Azerbaijani wrestler
  • Crhistian Lopez & Jhonny Senen Bilbao Bande – Guatemalan weightlifter & Venezuelan sailor

Another thing I noticed is that over a quarter of the Cuban athletes have Y-names (e.g. Yunior, Yaima, Yanet, Yordanis, Yuliesky and Yipsi). This isn’t too surprising, though, since most of them are members of Cuba’s Generación Y.

Source: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games