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Miss USA Names – Cookie, Curvey, Kiki, Storm

Time for more pageantry! (Pageantry names, that is.)

Thousands of young women, including Jenny Craig (Miss Georgia 1996) and Robin Williams (Miss New Jersey 2001), have competed for the title of Miss USA since the contest was established in 1952.

Going through the Miss USA Delegates Gallery, I noted the following names:

1950s Carelgean, Devona, Mariles, Trula, Waydine
1960s Byrean, Corneille, Delcene, Elrita, Garnett, Genelda, Hitsy, Kinne, Macel, Marite, Royette
1970s Aundie, Cely, Charlesy, Curvey, Jurrette, Kiki, Lenita, Sinceree, Storm, Tamina
1980s Chiann, Clotilde, Cookie, Edwina, Janu, Raun, Sarie, Somaly, Tanquil*, Zade, Zanetta (van Zyverden), Zina
1990s Altman, Arnica, Chandelle, Edlyn, Idalmis, Jillayne, Josan, Keelin, Kimmarie, Ku’ualoha**, Leimomi, Leissann, Maricarroll, Michon, Mistrella, Napiera, Ninya, Pratima, Reno, Temple, Toay, Tolan, Trenna, Zanice, Ziba
2000s Agnieszka, CaCe, Chanel, Charlie, Denette, Despina, Endia, Geneice, Guerin, Krisily, Nafeesa, Onawa, Radasha, Sade, Sharitha, Shivonn, Sitania, Skylene, Soben, Sujoing, Tashina, Tyler, Yanaiza

*Tanquil (Miss Virginia 1983) appeared in a 1991 issue of Playboy under the name Tai.

**Ku’ualoha (Miss Hawaii 1996) is now a weather reporter who goes by the name Aloha.

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