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Popularity of the Baby Name Cycalona

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

Posts that Mention the Name Cycalona

Mom, Hit by Cow During Tornado, Names Baby…

Samantha Wittstruck of Wadena, Minnesota was one month pregnant when a powerful EF4 tornado struck Wadena back on June 17.

She was “knocked cold” during the storm, and “woke up with a cow on top of her.”

The baby was unharmed, thankfully, and just days ago Samantha gave birth to a little girl — the first baby born in Wadena in 2011, in fact. The baby was named Skylar.

We figured ‘Sky’ was too short, so we chose Skylar. It was a big part of her life and she survived it.

I was secretly hoping the name would be Vacca or Cycalona or something. But I’m glad they were able to distill that dangerous/bizarre experience down to a normal name.

Skylar ranked 185th for baby girls and 497th for baby boys in the U.S. in 2009. Skyler ranked 419th and 261st. Both are based on the Dutch surname Schuyler, which refers to a scholar or a school teacher.

Source: New baby survived twister, crashing cow

Poker Pro Named Cycalona

Clonie Gowen is a professional poker player.

But “Clonie” is just a nickname.

Her real first name? Cycalona.

Cycalona “was born in Florida during rough weather” in November, 1971. So her parents invented a unique baby name for her, basing it on the word cyclone.

(And the word cyclone, you may be surprised to learn, was coined in only the mid-19th century. It’s derived from the Greek word kyklon, meaning “moving in a circle,” “revolving.”)

Cycalona is one of the more interesting names I’ve come across lately. What do you think of it?


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