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Top Names in the Netherlands, Early 2016

According to the SVB, the top baby names in the Netherlands during the first half of 2016 (January to June) were Julia and Sem:

Girl Names Boy Names
1. Julia (326 baby girls, Jan. to June)
2. Sophie
3. Anna
4. Tess
5. Emma
1. Sem (330 baby boys, Jan. to June)
2. Noah
3. Daan
4. Milan
5. Max

The #1 baby names of 2015, Emma and Liam, aren’t doing too well so far this year.

Source: Sem and Julia top the list of most popular Dutch baby names

Popular Baby Names in the Netherlands, 2015

According to data from Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB), the most popular baby names in the Netherlands in 2015 were Emma and Liam.

Here are the Netherlands’ top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2015:

Baby Girl Names Baby Boy Names
1. Emma
2. Julia
3. Sophie
4. Anna
5. Mila
6. Eva
7. Tess
8. Lotte
9. Sara
10. Zoë
1. Liam
2. Sem (a form of Shem)
3. Lucas
4. Luuk
5. Noah
6. Milan
7. Daan
8. Levi
9. Finn
10. Jesse

On the girls’ list, Lotte replaces Isa (which fell from 6th place to 20th).

On the boys’ list, Jesse replaces Bram (which fell from 2nd place to 13th).

Another significant mover of the boys’ list was Liam itself. Liam ranked 17th in 2013, then 9th in 2014, and finally 1st in 2015.

Other names bestowed last year in the Netherlands include Goodluck, Dikshit, Lovelace, Genius, Narbys-Lenay, Rooney, Amen, Islam, Jood, Godmother, Eh, and You.

The top names in 2014 were Sophie and Daan. In 2013, they were Tess and Sem.

Sources: Kindernamen top 20 – SVB, Emma and Liam are most popular Dutch kids names, but what about little Eh?

Popular Baby Names in The Netherlands, 2013

The Netherlands’ top baby names of 2013 were announced a little while ago.

According to data from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB), the country’s most popular baby names last year were Tess and Sem.

Here are The Netherlands’ top 20 girl names and top 20 boy names of 2013:

Girl Names Boy Names
1. Tess
2. Sophie
3. Julia
4. Emma
5. Lisa
6. Fenna
7. Mila
8. Sara
9. Lotte
10. Zoe
11. Eva
12. Anna
13. Fleur
14. Isa
15. Lynn
16. Evi
17. Lieke
18. Saar
19. Noa
20. Sanne
1. Sem
2. Levi
3. Bram
4. Daan
5. Finn
6. Milan
7. Lucas
8. Luuk
9. Jesse
10. Jayden
11. Tim
12. Thomas
13. Thijs
14. Noah
15. Julian
16. Ruben
17. Liam
18. Lars
19. Stijn
20. Sam

The top names of 2012? Emma and Daan, both of which fell to 4th place last year.

Speaking of falling, Jayden continues to sink — 9th to 10th this time. (Jayden is also losing steam in the U.S.)

Source: Sociale Verzekeringsbank (via Tess en Sem zijn de populairste babynamen van 2013!)

Most Popular Baby Names in the Netherlands, 2012

The most popular baby names in the Netherlands were announced a few days ago.

According to the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB), the top names in the Netherlands are Daan for boys and Emma for girls.

Here are the top 20 girl names and boy names of 2012:

Baby Girl Names Baby Boy Names
1. Emma
2. Sophie
3. Julia
4. Anna
5. Lisa
6. Isa
7. Eva
8. Saar
9. Lotte
10. Tess
11. Lynn
12. Fleur
13. Sara
14. Lieke
15. Noa
16. Fenna
17. Sarah
18. Mila
19. Sanne
20. Roos
1. Daan
2. Bram
3. Sem
4. Lucas
5. Milan
6. Levi
7. Luuk
8. Thijs
9. Jayden
10. Tim
11. Finn
12. Stijn
13. Thomas
14. Lars
15. Ruben
16. Jesse
17. Noah
18. Julian
19. Max
20. Liam

Quite short overall, aren’t they?

Jayden, now 9th, was 7th in 2011. It was 5th in 2010.

Here are a few more facts about the top 20, shamelessly stolen from Maarten Van Der Meer of

  • Big gainers are Bram (up from 16 to 2), Thijs (up from 14 to 8) and Anna (up from 10 to 4)
  • Newbies for boys are Noah and Max, for girls are Fenna and Mila.
  • Dropouts for boys are Sven and Mees, for girls are Maud and Jasmijn.

Sources: Daan en Emma zijn de populairste voornamen van 2012 – Bram, Thijs en Anna grootste stijgers, De populairste kindernamen van 2012 – SVB

Most Popular Dutch Baby Names, 2011

Last year, over 92,000 baby boys and nearly 88,000 baby girls were born in the Netherlands. The top baby names were…

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Daan
2. Sem* (2010 #1)
3. Milan
4. Levi
5. Luuk
6. Lucas
7. Jayden
8. Thomas
9. Stijn
10. Jesse
1. Emma
2. Julia
3. Sophie (2010 #1)
4. Lotte
5. Isa
6. Lisa
7. Sara
8. Lieke
9. Eva
10. Anna

*Sem is a form of Shem, a biblical name meaning “name,” “fame,” or “renown” in Hebrew. Shem, Noah’s eldest son, was the ancestor of the Semitic peoples — hence the words “semite” and “semitic.”

Source: Top 10 populairste kindernamen, via Daan and Emma most popular Dutch baby names in 2011

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2009

Here are some of the most popular baby names of 2009 in various places (hospitals, cities, states, etc.) around the USA and elsewhere. I’ll add to this list as I spot other articles and press releases. In the meanwhile, if you see something that I’ve missed, please comment or e-mail me (with the source).

Location Girl name Boy name
Alberta, Canada (source) Olivia Ethan
Australian Capital Territory (source) Olivia William
Arizona, USA (source) Isabella Jacob
Black River Memorial Hospital in Black River Falls, WI, USA (source) Emily Samuel
British Columbia, Canada (source) Olivia Ethan
Chile (source) Martina Benjamín
Derry, Northern Ireland, UK (source) Ava & Ellie (tie) Matthew
Evansville, IN, USA (source) Olivia Aidan
Finley Hospital in Dubuque, IA, USA (source) Emma Carter
Germany (source) Marie Maximilian
Greater Baltimore Medical Center in MD, USA (source) Mary William
Knox County, IL, USA (source) Addison Logan
Luther Midelfort in Eau Claire, WI, USA (source) Sophia Jacob
Macomb County, MI, USA (source) Ava Anthony
Malta (post) Maria/Mariah/Marie Luke/Luca
Manitoba, Canada (source) Ava Liam
Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque, IA, USA (source) Isabella Aidan
Nebraska, USA (source) Addison Alexander
New South Wales, Australia (source) Isabella William
New Zealand (source) Sophie Jack
Newcastle, England, UK (source) Lexi Oliver
Northern Territory, Australia (source) Isabella Jack
Peterborough, England, UK (source) Sophie Mohammed
Oakland County, MI, USA (source) Isabella Jack
Quebec, Canada (source) Léa William
Queensland, Australia (source) Chloe William
Riverview Hospital in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA (source) Madelyn Mason
San Mateo County, CA, USA (source) Sophia Alexander
Saskatchewan, Canada (source) Emma Ethan
Scotland, UK (source) Sophie Jack
Sheffield, England, UK (source) Chloe Harry
South Australia, Australia (source) Charlotte Jack
Spectrum Health-Butterworth in Grand Rapids, MI, USA (source) Emma Jacob
St. Cloud Hospital in MN, USA (source) Ella Carter
St. John Medical Center in Longview, WA, USA (source) Peyton Noah
Sweden (source) Alice Lucas
Tasmania, Australia (source) Ruby & Charlotte (tie) Oliver
Tennessee, USA (source) Emma William
The Netherlands (source) Emma Daan
United States (source) Isabella Jacob
Victoria, Australia (source) Olivia William
Wyoming, USA (source) Madison Aiden

P.S. Some of the names above actually represent several variants of the name.