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How Do You Feel About Your Name, Daquiri?

“Yes this is really my name,” says Daquiri, a 59-year-old from the Deep South.

Daquiri’s name is a based on “daiquiri,” the name of a type of cocktail. The drink was invented about a century ago in Santiago, Cuba, and named for either Daiquirí beach or the Daiquirí iron mines.

How did Daquiri feel about her name while growing up?

I hated the name as a child. Few people could pronounce it during the time of my youth. I was never able to buy a license plate for my bicycle (all the other children had them). During college professors thought they were cute and called me Whiskey Sour.

But “now the name is not so bad,” Daquiri says.

This unusual name has been a blessing and quite an intro item when meeting someone new. […] Few people forget it, which can be either good or bad dependent on the situation.

So, based on her experiences, how does Daquiri feel about unusual names generally?

I always advise others to not name their children weird names.

Thanks, Daquiri!