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The Rise of Madison – An Early Sign?

We all know that usage of the baby name Madison rose sharply in the years after 1984, thanks to the movie Splash, which starred Daryl Hannah as mermaid Madison (named after Madison Avenue).

Daryl Hannah as Madison in "Splash," © Disney

Interestingly, I’ve found an article in New York Magazine, published only about two and a half months after the movie was released, that seems to predict this rise.

The article mostly focuses on Alan Ladd Jr.’s unlucky decision not to produce Splash, but it includes the following quotes, allegedly spoken by an anonymous Hollywood movie producer:

“Do you suppose this is happening all over the country?” the Hollywood producer asked nervously.

“Two weeks ago, I walk into a party, and there is this woman I’ve known for fifteen years, always wears her blonde hair properly tied back from her face. She’s gone to see Splash, this movie about a mermaid named Madison, and now she’s trying to be Daryl Hannah. She’s got blonde bangs hat practically cover her eyes. Then last night, my wife tells me the couple down the street had a baby girl that morning. They named the baby Madison.”

That was how the article began, and here’s how it ends:

The producer’s shoulders shuddered almost imperceptibly. “It could happen to any of us,” he said. “I tell you, I can’t get that baby named Madison out of my mind.”

…Just like a lot of expectant parents couldn’t get the name Madison out of their minds in the years to come. The popularity of the name snowballed over the next couple of decades. It peaked at #2 in the nation in 2001 and 2002, behind #1 Emily both times.

Source: Kasindorf, Jeanie. “How not to make a “Splash.”” New York Magazine 21 May 1984: 34.

California Couple with 20 Kids

In late 1966, Jim and Eldora Parnell of Bakersfield, California, welcomed their 20th child.

Here are the names of all twenty kids, plus their 1966-ages:

  • Robert, 26
  • James, 24
  • Edwina, 21
  • Marie (nn Baby Doll, “because we were sure she’d be our last one”), 19
  • Eddie, 18
  • Bill, 17
  • Charlotte, 16
  • Chris (female), 15
  • Elledie, 13
  • Patrick, 12
  • Wanetta, 11
  • Peggy, 9
  • Gail, 8
  • Donna, 7
  • Steve, 5
  • Logan, 4
  • Gil, 3
  • Daryl (twin), 18 months
  • Gerald (twin), 18 months
  • Teri Kay, newborn

Which girl name is your favorite? How about boy name?

Bonus: The article included name stories for Charlotte and Logan. Charlotte “was born in the family car during a visit to Los Angeles. The police officer delivering the baby was named Charley–so, Charlotte.” Logan “was named after Dr. Lloyd Q. Logan, who delivered eight of his older brothers and sisters. But when Logan was born, Dr. Logan was out of town and another doctor delivered him.”

Source: Hillinger, Charles. “Managing a Family of 20 Poses Big, Happy Problem.” Spokesman-Review 11 Dec. 1966: 7.

Cavewoman Baby Names – Evolet and Ayla

Believe it or not, both these baby names were given a boost by cavewomen. (Fictional ones, of course!)


The name Evolet appeared on the Social Security Administration’s baby name list for the very first time in 2008, thanks to the movie 10,000 BC (2008), which featured Camilla Belle as cavewoman Evolet [EHV-oh-let].

  • 2008 – 82 baby girls named Evolet (11 Evolette, 8 Evolett, 5 Evoleth)
  • 2009 – 130 baby girls named Evolet (29 Evoleth, 15 Evolett, 14 Evolette)
  • 2010 – 95 baby girls named Evolet (17 Evoleth, 16 Evolette, 15 Evolett, 7 Evoleht)


The number of babies named Ayla, already on the rise in the 1980s, jumped in 1987 thanks to the movie The Clan of the Cave Bear (1986), which featured Daryl Hannah as cavewoman Ayla.

  • 1982 – 13 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1983 – 38 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1984 – 41 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1985 – 46 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1986 – 93 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1987 – 329 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1988 – 266 baby girls named Ayla
  • 1989 – 225 baby girls named Ayla

A couple of decades later, American Idol contestant Ayla Brown gave the name an even bigger boost (413 babies in 2005 to 1,231 babies in 2006–an increase of almost 300%).

Which name do you prefer, Evolet or Ayla?