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Pop Culture Baby Name Game 2010!

Britney Spears - Pop Culture Baby Name Game MascotKnow what today is? It’s Britney Spears’ birthday! (Come on, you didn’t already know that?)

So today is the perfect day to start playing the Pop Culture Baby Name Game.

What’s that? It’s a game in which we try to predict which pop culture-inspired baby names will appear on the SSA’s official baby name list for the first time in 2010. Danity and Daughtry made it for the first time in 2007, Obama and Palin in 2008, the infamous Renesmee in 2009…which pop culture baby names will make their debut in 2010?

Think back to notable occurrences of 2010 and late 2009. Think about movies, music, books, video games, sports, politics, products, and whatever else made headlines and/or caught your attention. What brand-new baby names might these things have inspired?

Here are some possibilities I’ve already blogged about:

Another that has since come to mind is Etsy, which looks and sounds like Betsy with the B chopped off.

What other potential names can you think of? (Remember–oddball names like Chachi and Darth have made the SSA’s list in years past, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this!)

33 Baby Boys Have Been Named After Daughtry

daughtryChris Daughtry, American Idol alum and Daughtry vocalist, welcomed fraternal twins yesterday. He and his wife chose the names Adalynn (girl) and Noah (boy).

But that’s not really what I want to talk about. The birth of the twins just reminded me of an interesting baby name I spotted not long ago in the data. And what name would that be? Daughtry itself, of course.

Chris Daughtry competed on the fifth season of American Idol, which aired during the first half of 2006. His rock band’s self-titled debut album was released in late November that same year. The album became “the fastest-selling rock debut in the 16-year history of the Billboard album chart’s sales tracking system,” according to

In 2007, not only was Daughtry’s album Daughtry the “biggest-selling record in America,” but the name Daughtry appeared for the first time on the SSA’s baby name list:

  • 2011: unlisted
  • 2010: 10 baby boys named Daughtry
  • 2009: 6 baby boys named Daughtry
  • 2008: 11 baby boys named Daughtry
  • 2007: 6 baby boys named Daughtry [debut]
  • 2006: unlisted

At least 23 33 baby Daughtrys have been born in the U.S. so far.

How many more do you think will be born in 2010? Turns out the name appeared on the list for one more year, but hasn’t been back since.

The English surname Daughtry is of Norman French origin and originally referred to someone from Hauterive, a town in in northwestern France. The town name is derived from the Old French phrase haute rive, meaning “high bank.”

Sources: Chris Daughtry Scores Big with Debut Album, Chris Daughtry’s Twins Arrive

82 Baby Girls Named Danity After Danity Kane

danity kane, album

Danity Kane was a pre-fabricated American band formed via the reality TV show Making the Band in late 2005. The group released two successful albums before disbanding in early 2009.

The name of the band had been inspired by the doodlings of band member Dawn Richard:

During a June 2006 appearance on MTV’s TRL, it was announced the group would be called Danity Kane, a reference to a superhero Dawn had created and sketched in the studio during downtime.

Danity wasn’t used much (if at all) as a baby name in the U.S. until 2007, when it popped up on the SSA’s baby name list for the first time:

  • 2009: 31 baby girls named Danity
  • 2008: 27 baby girls named Danity
  • 2007: 25 baby girls named Danity [debut]
  • 2006: unlisted

Will there be any more baby girls named Danity now that Danity Kane is kaput, do you think?

UPDATE, 1/9/15: Danity lingers on the list to this day! Daughtry hasn’t been so lucky.