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My Top 10 Miss Universe Names – Dionysia, Gvantsa, Putri, Shunit

The ten semi-finalists of the 2008 Miss Universe contest (held several days ago in Vietnam) had a decent mix of names: Claudia, Claudia (again), Crystle, Dayana, Elisa, Laura, Marianne, Taliana, Vera and Zana.

If I had done the judging, though, the list would have looked more like:

  • Alfina – Miss Kazakstan
  • Dionysia – Miss Greece
  • Gavintra – Miss Thailand
  • Gvantsa – Miss Georgia
  • Madina – Miss Germany
  • Putri – Miss Indonesia
  • Satu – Miss Finland
  • Shunit – Miss Israel
  • Snjezana – Miss Croatia
  • Taliana – Miss Colombia

Who cares about swimsuits and evening gowns when there are such interesting names to pick from? :)