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Popularity of the Baby Name Demetrius

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Oddball English Names, 17th and 18th Centuries

One of the sources I used for yesterday’s post on Ono Titchiner was a book full of 17th and 18th century marriage records from Surrey.

In the introduction, the author listed some of the more notable names to be found in the book:

There are some curious and uncommon Christian names from Biblical and Classical sources; amongst those of females, Achsa, Adeliza, Aphara, Anastasia, Aquila, Avarillar, Bathana, Bedia, Bethia, Cassandra, Caroline-Shepherdess, Celeste, Clementia, Damaris, Dionisia, Dufiner, Dulcibella, Eleanor, Emmaritta, Emlin, Euphemia, Grachauna, Gratitude, Hephzibah, Israel, Jacobinea, Jaminia, Juliana, Kimbra, Melior, Milbrough, Pamelia, Parthenia, Paterniller, Pleasant-Furs, Protesia, Silvestria, Sina, Statira, Tamar, Tempearance, Theodosia, Tryphena, “Virgin” [Price]; and amongst males those of Ananias, Bivel, Calverley, Chrusophilus, Demetrius, Deodatus, Derik, Emmet, Eusebius, Ezekiel, Fretwill, Gershom, Haman, Haseldine [Crab-tree], Jonah, Lazarus, Nazareth, “Offspring” [Brown], Ono, Prew, Purchas, Redhead [Eagle], Rulove, Sills [Gibbons], Theophilus, Truth, Uphill, Ward, Wintz, Zacheus, Zenas, Zeuler.

It’s interesting to note that a few of the above (like Juliana and Jonah) are now commonplace.

And I could imagine a few others (Tamar? Lazarus?) becoming trendy in the near future.

Which of these names do you like best?

Source: Bax, Alfred Ridley. Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Commissary Court of Surrey Between 1673-1770. Norwich: Goose & Son, 1907.

9-Letter Baby Names – Most Popular of 2010

These were the most popular 9-letter baby names last year:

Top 9-Letter Boy Names Top 9-Letter Girl Names
1. Alexander (ranked 6th overall)
2. Christian (29th)
3. Sebastian (68th)
4. Nathaniel (82nd)
5. Alejandro (102nd)
6. Francisco (196th)
7. Johnathan (217th)
8. Zachariah (449th)
9. Frederick (496th)
10. Demetrius (514th)
1. Elizabeth (ranked 12th overall)
2. Gabriella (33rd)
3. Charlotte (45th)
4. Alexandra (64th)
5. Mackenzie (69th)
6. Katherine (70th)
7. Gabrielle (95th)
8. Annabelle (117th)
9. Stephanie (126th)
10. Brooklynn (142nd)

Of the 14,140 boy names given to 5+ baby boys in 2010, a total of 441 were 9-letter names. Of the 19,698 girl names, a total of 799 had 9 letters.

P.S. Want to see more 9-letter boy names and 9-letter girl names?

Baby Name Needed, Part 2 – Middle Name for Ivan

Back in March, a reader named Pam wrote to me regarding the names of her twins. Several days ago, she sent me an update.

She still likes the names Alexander, Ivan and William…but not in the same order as before. One twin will now be Alexander William, the other will have the first name Ivan, and Pam would appreciate some middle name suggestions for Ivan.

Pam writes:

We would like something “strong” like Ivan Alexander, but don’t want to use Alex for a first name and a middle name.

Makes sense. :)

One thing that struck me about Alexander William was its length (6 syllables). I feel like the boys’ full names should be on par with one another, so I focused on finding longish middles for Ivan.

I still like these options from the original post:


And I also think these names could work:


What other names would you suggest to Pam as a middle for Ivan?