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Pirate vs. Ninja – Which Name Wins?

Pirate vs. Ninja
Ah, the great Pirate vs. Ninja debate. Which side are you on?

Personally, I’m for pirates. Arrrrrgh.

But in the baby name world, the winner is clearly Ninja. Let’s look at the evidence:

The name Pirate has never appeared on the SSA’s list of baby names. Ninja, on the other hand, was listed three years straight in the mid-1980s:

  • 1985 – 6 baby girls named Ninja
  • 1984 – 5 baby girls named Ninja
  • 1983 – 8 baby girls named Ninja

Why? Possibly the movie Revenge of the Ninja (1983).

Ninja also beats Pirate in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index), which includes two people named Ninja (Ninja Sawyer, 1961-2003; Ninja Hester, 1982-2004) but just one named Pirate (Pirate Black, 1922-2006).

The only place I see Pirate dominating is in the celebrity baby name arena. Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis and ex-porn star Deven Davis have a son named Pirate. (They also have a son named Zeppelin.)

And there you have it. A disappointing outcome for pirate-supporting baby name fanatics everywhere…

Image: Pirate vs. Ninja: Fight! by Dunechaser