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How Do You Feel About Your Name, Dinsa?

“It’s the strangest name I, or anyone else for that matter, has heard of,” says Dinsa, a 20-year-old from India. “But, I love it.”

“Almost anyone who hears my name for the first time asks what it means,” Dinsa explains. “I display great pride in explaining the story, but sometimes it is irksome.”

My father’s first name is Dinesh, while my mum’s is Sangeeta. My parents took the first three letters off my father’s name and first two off my mum’s name, and joined them — that’s how my name was derived.

Dinsa’s name is indeed unusual. It has never been among the most popular names in the U.S. and — based on the reactions Dinsa gets where she is — it seems to be rare in India as well

What does Dinsa like about her name?

My name makes me feel like I’m an integral part of both of [my parents]. And I like to joke that I am the summation of all their good qualities. And my name is different, so I feel “different” and unique.

What does Dinsa not like about her name?

[It is] difficult to pronounce, so many folks tend to call me “Dinsha”. Not that I dislike that one, in fact, I love the distorted version, but I still have to correct people because then the real meaning of the name disappears.

Thanks so much, Dinsa!