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The Number-Happy Rosado Family of Brazil

The Rosado family of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, is well-known for two things: politics and number-names.

Patriarch Jerônimo Ribeiro Rosado (b. 1861) had 3 children with his first wife, Maria, and 18 with his second wife, Isaura (Maria’s sister). All but two of his children have a number-name that corresponds to birth order.

Here are the names of all 21:

  1. Jerônimo (1890-1920)
  2. Laurentino (1891-1891)
  3. Tércio (1892-1960) – the Portuguese form of Tertius, “third” in Latin
  4. Isaura Quarto (1894-1896) – quarto is “fourth” in Portuguese
  5. Laurentino Quinto (1896-1897) – quinto is “fifth” in Portuguese
  6. Isaura Sexta (1897-?) – sexta is “sixth” in Portuguese
  7. Jerônima Sétima (1898-?) – sétima is “seventh” in Portuguese
  8. Maria Oitava (1899-?) – oitava is “eighth” in Portuguese
  9. Isauro Nono (1901-1925) – nono is “ninth” in Portuguese
  10. Vicência Décima (1902-?) – décima is “tenth” in Portuguese
  11. Laurentina Onzième (1903-1922) – onzième is “eleventh” in French
  12. Laurentino Duodécimo (1905-1954) – duodécimo is “twelfth” in Portuguese
  13. Isaura Trezième (1906-?) – trezième is “thirteenth” in French
  14. Isaura Quatorzième (1907-?) – quatorzième is “fourteenth” in French
  15. Jerônimo Quinzième (1908-1908) – quinzième is “fifteenth” in French
  16. Isaura Seize (1910-?) – seize is “sixteen” in French
  17. Jerônimo Dix-Sept (1911-1951) – dix-sept is “seventeen” in French
  18. Jerônimo Dix-Huit (1912-1996) – dix-huit is “eighteen” in French
  19. Jerônimo Dix-Neuf (1913-?) – dix-neuf is “nineteen” in French
  20. Jerônimo Vingt (1918-?) – vingt is “twenty” in French
  21. Jerônimo Vingt-Un (1920-2005) – vingt-un is “twenty-one” in French

Notice how the names shifted from Portuguese to French, and from ordinal numbers to cardinal numbers.

Some of the number-names above live on not only among descendants, but also as place names (e.g., Gov. Dix-Sept Rosado Airport, Dix-Huit Rosado Municipal Theatre).

Source: Os Rosado