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Popularity of the Baby Name Dixiana

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The Baby Name Dixiana

dixianaThe baby name Dixiana appeared on the SSA’s baby name list just twice in the early 1930s:

  • 1932: not listed
  • 1931: 6 baby girls named Dixiana
    • 7 more named Dixianna (one-hit wonder)
  • 1930: 6 baby girls named Dixiana [debut]
  • 1929: not listed

Where did the name come from?

It was inspired by the movie Dixiana, which was released in August of 1930.

The film’s main character, Dixiana, is “a circus performer who falls in love with the son of a plantation owner in antebellum New Orleans” according to Wikipedia.

The movie, an early musical film, also featured the catchy song “Dixiana.”

You can check out both Dixiana the movie and “Dixiana” the song at the Internet Archive.

Source: Dixiana (film) – Wikipedia