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Baby Name Needed – Boy Name for Adalaide’s Little Brother

A reader named Abby is expecting a baby boy at the end of the year, and she’d like some helping coming up with his name. She writes:

His sister’s name is Adalaide Joy Foley* and we would like to use the middle name Bernard in honor of his grandfather who is no longer with us.

Abby also mentions that she likes names that are easily shortened. (Adalaide goes by the nickname Ada, for instance.)

Here’s what I came up with:

Anthony (Tony)
Clement (Clem)
Dominic (Dom, Nic)
Emmanuel (Manny)
Frederick (Fred, Rick)
Gabriel (Gabe)
Gregory (Greg)
Jonathan (Jon)
Joseph (Joe)
Lawrence (Larry)
Louis (Lou)
Matthew (Matt)
Maximilian (Max)
Nathaniel (Nate)
Nicholas (Nick)
Oliver (Ollie)
Roderick (Rod, Rick)
Samuel (Sam)
Solomon (Sol)
Stanley (Stan)
Thaddeus (Thad)
Theodore (Ted, Theo)
Thomas (Tom)
Timothy (Tim)
Tobias (Toby)
Walter (Walt)
William (Will, Bill)
Zachary (Zach)

Do you think any of these go particularly well with Bernard? What other names would you suggest to Abby?

*The actual surname is not Foley, but it’s similar.

Update – The baby is here! Scroll down to see which name Abby chose.

Vote for NOTY 2008 – Reprobatus? Spaceman? Weekendfer?

Time to start voting for the Name of the Year (NOTY). Among the 64 names nominated for 2008 are…

Urban Couch Spaceman Africa Weekendfer Saurit
Elrazor Sharp Reprobatus Bibbs Jeremiah Kilimanjaro
Bridget Midgett Have-A-Look Dube Dom Perignon Champagne

The first round pits Destiny Frankenstein against Maurkice Pouncey — go cast your vote!