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English Baby Names, After the Norman Invasion

A BBC article from last year, “1066 and all those baby names,” describes how the Norman conquest drastically changed naming practices in England — how Anglo-Saxon names like Aethelred, Eadric, and Leofric were quickly replaced by names like William, Robert, Henry.

Here’s a quote from University of St. Andrews historian Robert Bartlett:

The ruling elite set the fashion and soon William was the most common male name in England, even among peasants. A lot of people changed their names because they wanted to pass in polite society – they didn’t want to be mistaken for a peasant, marked out with an Anglo-Saxon name.

This makes me curious about the naming practices of other conquered civilizations…did they change? If so, was it by force (i.e., native names made illegal) or was it a natural progression (as with Norman names in England)?