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Popular Baby Names in Sweden, 2014

According to data from Statistics Sweden, the most popular baby names in Sweden in 2014 were Elsa and Lucas.

Here are Sweden’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2014:

Girl Names Boy Names
1. Elsa, 850 baby girls
2. Alice, 806
3. Maja, 732
4. Agnes, 673
5. Lilly, 646
6. Olivia, 626
7. Julia, 610
8. Ebba, 603
9. Linnea, 594
10. Molly, 579
1. Lucas, 860 baby boys
2. William, 851
3. Oscar, 805
4. Oliver, 754
5. Liam, 728
6. Elias, 721
7. Hugo, 696
8. Vincent, 641
9. Charlie, 634
10. Alexander, 630

Though they didn’t make it obvious, the names above actually represent combined spellings.

So do you think Elsa, which ranked 3rd in 2013, hit #1 last year thanks to the movie Frozen? Here are the numbers for Elsa (that spelling only) over the last 5 years:

  • 2014: 841 babies named Elsa in Sweden
  • 2013: 762
  • 2012: 750
  • 2011: 716
  • 2010: 719

Sweden also puts out lists of baby names that are rising the fastest…

Rising girl names Rising boy names
1. Luna
2. Elisa
3. Celine
4. Elise
5. Amelia
1. Ebbe
2. Harry
3. Loui
4. Dante
5. Otto

…and falling the fastest.

Falling girl names Falling boy names
1. Minna
2. Ronja
3. Emma
4. Svea
5. Ella
1. Simon
2. Olle
3. Anton
4. Jonathan
5. Milo

Could the rise of Elisa and Elise be attributable to Elsa?

Source: Name Statistics – Statistics Sweden

Babies Named for Princess Ebba

ebba bernadotteWay back in 1888, the name Ebba appeared on the SSA’s baby name list for the very first time.

It was the top debut name of the year, in fact.

According to the SSA, Ebba became the name of at least 18 U.S. baby girls in 1888:

  • 1890: 13 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1889: 13 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1888: 18 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1887: unlisted
  • 1886: unlisted

The SSDI reveals that the actual number is at least 50:

  • 1890: 51 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1889: 38 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1888: 51 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1887: 15 baby girls named Ebba
  • 1886: 11 baby girls named Ebba

Why the Ebba spike?

Miss Ebba Munck. She was a lady-in-waiting to Viktoria of Baden, who later became Queen of Sweden when her husband, Prince Gustaf, became King.

Ebba and the future king’s little brother, Prince Oscar, met in 1885. They weren’t permitted to marry until several years later, though, as Ebba was a non-royal and Oscar’s parents wouldn’t consent.

They were finally engaged in January of 1888 and married in March of 1888. Both events were mentioned in many U.S. newspapers.

By marrying Ebba, Oscar gave up both his royal title and his right of succession to the Swedish throne. By marrying Oscar, Ebba became Princess Ebba Bernadotte. (She couldn’t become an official Princess of Sweden, so her title was derived from the name of the royal House of Bernadotte.)

Where does Ebba’s name come from? It’s a feminized form of Ebbe, a diminutive of Germanic names like Eberhard. The element eber means “boar.”

Source: “Old World News by Cable.” New York Times 18 Mar. 1888.

Most Popular Baby Names in Sweden, 2010

Sweden’s top baby names have been released. The winners are Oscar and Maja (which is pronounced like Maia/Maya).

Here are the top ten boy names:

  1. Oscar (1,108 baby boys) – nearly 1.9% of all baby boys
  2. William (1,032)
  3. Lucas (1,026) – former #1
  4. Elias (888)
  5. Alexander (887)
  6. Hugo (873)
  7. Oliver (810)
  8. Theo (804) – new to the top 10
  9. Liam (782) – new to the top 10
  10. Leo (764) – new to the top 10

The three names that dropped out of the boys’ top ten were Erik, Victor, and Axel.

Newbies to the top 100 were Frank, Ebbe, Elvin, Julian and Ivar. Drop-outs were Dante, Mattias, Jesper, Dennis and Ruben.

The boy names that made the biggest jumps from 2009 to 2010 were Frank, Elvin and Milo. Those suffering the biggest drops were Carl, Marcus and Jonathan.

And here are the top ten girl names:

  1. Maja (895 baby girls) – 1.6% of all baby girls
  2. Alice (867) – former #1
  3. Julia (823)
  4. Linnéa (750)
  5. Wilma (742)
  6. Ella (737)
  7. Elsa (724)
  8. Emma (722)
  9. Alva (711)
  10. Olivia (703) – new to the top 10

The one name that dropped out of the girls’ top ten was Ebba.

Newbies to the top 100 were Tove, Minna, Majken, Annie, Juni, Hedvig and Novalie. Drops-outs were Malva, Victoria, Fanny, Alexandra, Rut, Miranda and Johanna.

The girl names that made the biggest jumps from 2009 to 2010 were Tove, Minna and Novalie. Those suffering the biggest drops were Kajsa, Emelie and Cornelia.

Source: Oscar and Maja most popular names in 2010 (StatisticsSweden press release)