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Baby Boy Named after Canadian Coast Guard Boat

Uwe Schiek and Nalia Barkman of rural Lasqueti Island had been planning to travel to Vancouver before the birth of their son. But, when the baby decided to show up over a week early, that plan fell through.

Ari Edan Shaw Schiek ended up being born several days ago aboard Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cape Edensaw. His first name had been selected ahead of time, and Edan Shaw “honours the coast guard,” according to Nalia.

The lifeboat’s name comes from Cape Edensaw in Virago Sound. Uwe claims Cape Edensaw was named after Haida chief Charles Edenshaw (1839-1920), but it’s more likely to have been named after his uncle, chief Albert Edward Edenshaw (ca.1810-1894). The surname Edenshaw is derived from a Tlingit word meaning “wasting away,” in reference to ice melting from a glacier.

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