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Most Popular Baby Names in Switzerland, 2012

Switzerland recently released not one but three lists of popular baby names.


According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the top baby names in Switzerland last year were:

  • Gabriel and Emma among the French-speakers,
  • Noah and Mia among the German-speakers, and
  • Gabriel and Sofia among the Italian-speakers.

Here are more of the most popular baby names of 2012 within each language group:


Top Girl Names Top Boy Names
1. Emma (126 baby girls)
2. Léa (102)
3. Chloé (97)
4. Zoé (94)
5. Lara (89)
6. Eva (81)
7. Charlotte (75)
7. Clara (75)
1. Gabriel (129 baby boys)
2. Luca (113)
3. Thomas (113)
4. Noah (104)
5. Nathan (100)
6. Lucas (99)
7. Samuel (98)
8. Théo (94)


Top Girl Names Top Boy Names
1. Mia (307 baby girls)
2. Alina (301)
3. Laura (269)
4. Julia (259)
5. Anna (258)
6. Emma (252)
7. Leonie (250)
8. Lena (248)
1. Noah (338 baby boys)
2. Luca (333)
3. David (283)
4. Leon (277)
5. Leandro (254)
6. Nico (252)
7. Levin (247)
8. Julian (231)


Top Girl Names Top Boy Names
1. Sofia (34 baby girls)
2. Alice (32)
3. Emma (24)
4. Elisa (23)
4. Giulia (23)
4. Martina (23)
7. Giada (19)
7. Giorgia (19)
1. Gabriel (36 baby boys)
2. Alessandro (34)
3. Leonardo (32)
4. Matteo (31)
5. Nathan (30)
6. Samuele (25)
7. Elia (24)
8. Samuel (19)

I haven’t yet seen any 2012 data for the Romansh-speakers, but I hope to, so I’ll be on the lookout.

Here are Switzerland’s most popular baby names of 2007 if you’d like to compare.

Sources: Swiss Statistics – The most popular first names, Most popular baby names listed

The 24 Children of Roberto I, Duke of Parma

Roberto I (1848-1907) was the last sovereign Duke of Parma and Piacenza (which was a duchy that existed until 1859, when it joined Italy).

He married twice and had a total of 24 children.

With his first wife, Princess Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies, he had a dozen children:

  • Marie Louise
  • Ferdinando
  • Louisa Maria
  • Enrico
  • Maria Immacolata
  • Giuseppe
  • Maria Teresa
  • Maria Pia
  • Maria Beatrice
  • Elia (male)
  • Maria Anastasia
  • Augusto/Augusta (gender unknown)

After his first wife died during childbirth, Robert married his second wife, Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal, and had a dozen more children:

  • Maria della Neve Adelaide
  • Sixtus
  • Javier
  • Francesca
  • Zita
  • Felix
  • Rene
  • Maria Antonia
  • Isabella
  • Luigi
  • Henrietta Anna
  • Gaetano

Which set of 12 do you like better?

Baby Names Needed – Names for Twin Girls

A reader named Melanie has a daughter named Calla, and she is expecting twin girls in a few months. She writes:

We like the names Eliana, Isabella, Evangeline, Elia, Adeline, and many, many others, but are having a tough time with combinations. Also, name meaning is very important to us (our first daughter full name means, collectively, “beautiful pure light”). We would prefer names that are not very common, but are willing to make sacrifices if the family meaning and name meaning take precedence (family names are also important, i.e. Isabella and Evangeline are grandmother names – but they are both fairly common, so it’s a tough call). Thoughts? Suggestions?

Quite a bit to think about! Here are two ideas…

Have a Plan of Attack

A friend of mine is expecting twin girls a few months after Melanie. The method she’s using is basically this: focus on one set of names (either the firsts or the middles), make a decision, then focus on the other set of names. Right now, she’s got the middle names chosen and is pondering a handful of possible first names.

Having a system has simplified things a lot for her. This same system might not work for everyone, but I think having a system would help most people. So that would be my first suggestion — if things get overwhelming, take a step back and break the process down into steps. That way, you’re dealing with one or two unknowns at a time, not all four at once.

Use Calla as a Guide

Ideally, the twins’ first names should be on par with Calla. Names that are much longer, or shorter (or plainer, or more exotic, etc.) could be a cause of contention later on. You never want a child to feel short-changed or singled-out because of her name.

So I was slightly surprised to see names like Evangeline, Isabella and Eliana on the short list. I realize two are family names, but I think they sound a bit formal for the sisters of Calla. Names that I think come closer to the style/formality of Calla include:


What other advice would you offer to Melanie?

UPDATE: The babies are here! Scroll down to the last comment to see what their names are…