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Seahawks Fans Name Baby Girl Elloebee (L.O.B.)

Elloebee, named for Seahawks L.O.B
Elloebee © KING 5
First there was 12th Mann, and now there’s Elloebee.

A baby girl born on September 20 was given the Seahawks-inspired name Elloebee — a spelled-out version of the acronym L.O.B., which stands for “Legion of Boom.”

Here’s how her father, Christopher, explained it on Facebook (via KING 5): “We are big Seahawks fans and when we were thinking of names for our daughter, we wanted something that stood for strength and resilience. We named her Elloebee, after the LOB!”

L.O.B. refers to anyone who has played defensive back for Seattle Seahawks since 2012, which is when the term “Legion of Boom” was coined.

(Here are a few more girl names spelled with the names of letters.)

Source: Football-Themed Baby Name Provokes Online Critics